Melissa Gorga Says Kathy & Caroline WILL Return To RHONJ!

We reported earlier this week that Kathy Wakile and Caroline Manzo weren’t returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey as “Official Housewives” in Season 5. Since then, the internet has been buzzing with all sorts of rumors about the alleged cast for Season 5. Melissa Gorga recently spoke with In Touch Magazine, exclusively, and revealed that Caroline and Kathy WILL be returning to Season 5, although, she didn’t say how much of them we will be seeing.

“Caroline is returning,” Melissa admits to In Touch. “Okay, there you go. Caroline is back and so is Kathy.” But are they returning as Housewives? Or just making appearances?

The magazine also says Danielle will be returning to Season 5, and as we reported earlier this week, that has not been confirmed.

Like I’ve said before, Bravo is known to fool us and make last minute decisions, we will be waiting for a clear announcement from the network. Until then, we have our sources that update us with the best information available, and as soon as we find out new info, we will update you!

Tell Us- What do YOU want to see happen? Who should Bravo hire and fire?

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3 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Says Kathy & Caroline WILL Return To RHONJ!”

  1. Are we supposed to believe her? Why would she be the only one allowed to make an announcement that usually is made by Bravo? I’ll just wait for Bravo, thankyou very much.

  2. I want to throw up whenever I see Caroline on the screen and cringe at the sound of her voice. Kathy is a behind the scenes backstabber. She went against her cousin to kiss Carolines ass. Does she think Caroline is going to somehow help her market her desserts? Caroline can’t even get either of her own kids to hold a job. Forget about helping Kathy who looks like she is eating her sweet treats as fast as she takes them out of the oven. Dump them all. Even that looser, user Melissa. What a phoney and a big time gold digger. Who cares about any of them. Without Teresa they have nothing to offer RHONJ. Bring back Dina and Danielle.

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