Melissa Gorga Says Chris Laurita Has Become The Conductor Of Jacqueline’s Runaway Train


Melissa Gorga is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on Dolores Catania being a new target for Jacqueline Laurita and the conversation between her husband Joe Gorga and Jac’s husband Chris. Gorga says no one gets a free pass with Jacqueline and reveals she was surprised that Chris pulled Joe aside to discuss the Vermont trip.

“It was hard to watch this episode and see how Teresa and the girls were adjusting without Joe. It’s clearly a difficult transition, but they truly are a strong family. I’m happy that Joe and I can be there for them, and it was so sweet to see that Milania feels like she can come to her Zio Joe if she needs anything.

So Dolores’s house is finally finished, and it looked beautiful. I wanted to come celebrate, but I had no desire to see Jacqueline or deal with more unnecessary drama. It was awkward to watch when Joe went to say hello to everyone. That whole crew looked so bitter and was very rude to him. I just didn’t see any reason for them to be so cold to Joe.

I was also surprised when Chris pulled Joe away to discuss the Vermont trip. The husbands have been pretty good about staying out of our drama, but it seems Chris has now become the conductor of Jacqueline’s runaway train. Obviously, Chris is going to stand up for his wife, but as Joe said perfectly, what dinner was he at? I think that Joe was level-headed and put things into perspective. He was the bigger person in this situation. His intentions were to move forward and was trying to get Chris to do the same. I’m not sure what Joe said actually sunk in, as Chris was obnoxiously being beckoned by his wife, who was outside beeping the horn in her passive-aggressive tee.

As you can see, the ENVY fashion show planning was down the wire and I was really feeling the pressure, especially with my partner Jackie being out of the country. What wasn’t shown, and I feel I need to clear up, was my absence from the Ladies Night at Dolores’s gym. It was the night before the fashion show, and I spent that evening planning the order of looks, doing seating, etc. and there was just no way I could do both. It was nice seeing Teresa in her element though. She is so passionate about yoga and I think that there was a great turnout! And Siggy’s empowering speech really brought it home.

I hate to say this, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of Jacqueline’s biggest defenders was on the receiving end of her paranoia. As I told Siggy, no one gets a free pass with her! Hearing Dolores describe how Jacqueline accused her of setting her up and then threatened to twist the whole situation made me realize that I’m not the only friend that Jacqueline is wrongly second guessing.”

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  1. I still think Melissa is a bandwagon rider, but in this case, she is right that Jac’s was cuckoo puffs during this timeframe. Joe Gorga was the voice of reason (scary), when he said that both parties were wrong up in Vermont. I feel bad for Chris because he thinks it’s his role to defend his wife, but she really had flipped her lid this time, going after Delores for calling her. She really does look more and more childlike in each scene as if she truly has a mental problem. Weird.

    1. Again I agree! She has completely lost it this year previous years I have thought it but this time it was so obvious! I can’t remember seeing one good comment about Jac on the blog. Someone will probably tell me I’m wrong no doubt!

      1. I can honestly say that I liked Jac’s for many years. It seems as though (for me anyway) that she has lost her marbles after Caroline left the show. Right now, I’m not crazy about her wanting to be Ashlee’s age and thinking of her like a sister, instead of a mamma. Why in the world was Ashlee sitting outside on Jac’s deck while the women discussed their drama? I get that she is older now, but there should be a mother/daughter dynamic that doesn’t involve a daughter being involved in her Mother’s fights with grown women. Just weird to me.

          1. Lol, Suze I have to laugh at what you just wrote because it’s true, and worse off is that now it’s only one of them that is acting like a brat..and it’s NOT Ashlee!!! haha

              1. I had 3 teen agers at the same time, and let me say none of them ever spoke to me once, much less for YEARS, the way that brat spoke to her Mom. I never would say when she was under 18, but now she’s fair game. Of course, my kids didn’t FEEL that way about me, so even if they had ever thought of speaking to me in that manner, they would have kept their mouth SHUT. Smart, smart kids mine. They knew who the boss was from the first time they tried to roll over instead of being diapered. They knew where the line was, and what made it easy for all of us that the line rarely moved. They could do anything within the circle, kind of like the one we physically made in the ground when we went camping. Stay in here, and all will be well.
                Ashley probably hopes for a spin-off, and that’s why her Mom had her stay out there. I did think her engagement was very sweet, but being pregnant before they have had a chance to be married???? I hate to be the one to say it, but I don’t give it much hope. Ashley lives at home still? She has no idea what it means to take care of everything herself. She has always had financial help from her folks, all of her life. So, I guess it works out great for Jaqueline that she can “be there” for Ashley. Because marriage is a transition all by itself without having a child before they have even lived together, made a home together, gone through anything but the bright light of new love. It’s sad, really, not joyous like it should be. Love does not conquer all, or no one would be divorced. A lot more than love is required to sustain a marriage, that’s for sure.

    2. I can’t feel sorry for Chris. He says stupid, delusional stuff too often. Especially when he goes on and on about how much “Jax loves Teresa.” Yeah right. More like she loves a storyline.

      1. I have completely changed my mind about Melissa. She has grown up, as had Theresa. I am happy that they are acting like adults for the kids. Even if it is all for the kids at first, “Fake It Till You Make It” Melissa did nothing at that dinner to instigate Jaq. I don’t even see why Jaqueline immediately went into the stripper thing, that had nothing to do with what they were discussing. It is pathetic that she cries over Theresa, then says the most hurtful thing she can think of. Theresa is so right how she says Jaq hits you where she knows it will hurt the most. It rings loud and true of a person on too much medication. She can not control herself because of it. The entire thing at the table, as well as the fire pit was Jaqueline’s fault. Even if someone else says something you don’t like, a real lady knows how to SQUASH it. A real lady would have asked Robyn what it was that made her feel attacked, and apologized. That is how you set an example for your offspring. Siggy should have allowed Jaq to leave. Melissa did such a nice thing planning that little 2 night trip for her Sister-in-Law.
        The whole criminal thing just pisses me off no end also. After what they have done, better watch out there you Laurita’s, the law doesn’t care that your Son is sick, Jaq. The public might, but the law doesn’t.

  2. I have to disagree about the husbands taking the wife’s side. Why should he if his wife is BAT SHIT CRAZY, JEALOUS, IRRELEVANT, and a drunk? Chris showed just how weak a man he was and now I’m seeing why Dina moved all the way across the country to get away from these idiots (despite the fact she hooked up and is still with the married guy)….

    1. I completely agree with you about the Husbands. If I was starting to act one 10th of the way Jac is acting my Husband damn well better stop me in my tracks and put me on meds. I think Chris had allot of nerve saying his crazy wife was just defending herself after she’s the one causing all the drama. This is the first year I actually like Joe Gorga mainly because he finally stopped with all the sex crap and talking about his poison, that used to gross me out. But the fact that he stated how Jac wants to bury Tre and then told Chris about being at the same dinner, I say “You Go Little Man” you are spot on. As far as the way Jac looks it’s actually become nauseating to watch and I pray to God she’s not back next season. She acts like a complete child not a women at all. The way she reacted when Joe Gorga went over to say Hello at Dolores’s house was pathetic and extremely immature. I see the 14 year old girls my son goes to High School with act better than her. The shirt she was wearing was the stupidest thing any adult could ever do BTW and the fact that Ashley created it is even worse. From the Font to the actual meaning it’s a complete joke and all wrong. But here we go pedaling another B.S. product like black water and popcorn. I swear these people act like they invented the wheel every time they come up with another crappy idea. And with the shirt you can just go to the boardwalk at the Jersey shore and have one made so no Ashley you didn’t create squat. You saw the saying somewhere probably in a Google search and decided to take credit for it. Ughh the ENTIRE Laurita clan is pathetic except those poor innocent little boys, they can’t help they were born into crazy.

      1. I feel worse for CJ than Nick, actually. Nick is not aware that he is different, right now anyway. CJ needs his Dad now more right now than he will at any other time in his life. That poor kid is always on the sidelines. I used to think, hope, it might be simply the camera angle, but it isn’t. He is never the center of attention. As far back as when she was trying to get pregnant he was left out, and I do have an unpopular opinion about that whole thing that I will keep to myself. When Nick was born and CJ came in the room and reached out to his Mom, I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for that boy. I feel it every time a scene is filmed inside that sick home and I can’t zip it fast enough to keep myself from feeling it. That entire home and family is unbalanced, IMO. Emotional and mental illness is contagious. They all have it now, Chris proved it again with this last comment that Jaq was defending herself against Melissa. Melissa didn’t say one negative word to Jaqueline. She started screaming, and now Delores is getting it with “I wasn’t on the flier” so I am being set up. Like I said, too much Valium.

        1. The thing that still bugs me about Jo Gorga, is like when Melissa told him how important it was that she work the NIGHT BEFORE her 1st fashion show, he ignores that and tells her to come here and shave his back, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuk, how effing sickening, Yeah, you are right Jo, get that shit lasered off. He is trying to make it harder for her to succeed, and that’s just childish and in her words for Richie, a DICK thing to do.

    1. No shit. He had two chances to be filmed, the first time as Melissa so eloquently put it “What a dick thing to do.” Then TWICE, he says he wants a foursome with his wife’s gay sister and her partner. Yuk and yuk. He is a disgusting, vulgar sexual deviate, and believe me when I say I have never known, or known of, anyone in the LGBT community of people that enter into that group.

  3. Jaqueline Laurita says her and Tre were sisters. One never speaks like that about a sister, even when angry. She never “forgave” Theresa, not that Theresa needed hers, for her criminal prosecution, what a phucking HYPOCRITE. Pretending like her and Chris are the modicum of ethics in business. Gosh, I can’t stand her, for a long time now. Ever since she took Danielle’s side at the “Bookgate” dinner. She didn’t give her own sister-in-law the benefit of the doubt. I hate that, when someone who is supposed to love and trust you hears something bad about you and automatically believes it. Just like at the Vermont dinner, talking stuff FROM FOUR YEARS AGO, saying Johnny the Greek and hIs wife SAID they helped Tre set up Melissa, and naturally she believes them, those she calls soldiers. She is all over the place. I wish, for ONCE, that when Jaq starts in with that screeching voice at reunion, they treat her with the truth, that she is BENEATH them. Just look past her as if she didn’t speak, don’t respond AT ALL. That is what I always did with those beneath me, looked past them as if they were invisible. I never again reacted to anything they said or did, the most effective insult there is, and it shuts them up, too. Why scream at someone who, with all calmness and class, simply walks past, doesn’t speak or react, they always looked like the fools they were. I only had to do that to 2 women in my working life, but they both deserved it with the garbage they tried to spread on me. Because they were jealous, maybe, not so much of me personally, but of my standing in the workplace, my marriage, my happiness, and maybe because I was at that time, young and beautiful. Always a one man woman, married the entire time. They tried to spread total lies about me, even though I walked out the door of the casino, to my car, every single night, and went home to my family. It was disgusting. So, I removed them from my reality.

  4. Jac is not crazy but evil. She has had Siggy&Dolores defend her. So she sees Teresa giving a Yoga class at the gym & she attacks Dolores! Why not also attack Siggy? She wants every1 to cut ties with Teresa& Melissa. At Dolores party she stood by her clan the cousins& significant others. She didn’t get the attn that she wanted so she ran 2Her car. She’s good at running like a rat! Chris is a tool. Any man worth his salt wud tell his wife she was wrong in Vermont. She was grotesque! She shows up with that ridiculous shirt 2the party. What a bafoon. Bravo needs2 give her the boot! She has over stayed her welcome! #Bravotv it’s time 2 take out the trash,& get rid of Waco Jaco! I’m out. Peace!

  5. We are seeing too much of the gross Wakiles & Rosie to my liking. And once again, all these losers can talk about is Tre. It almost has me pining for the Marcheesys. Heheheh not really but the cousins need to crawl back under their rocks. Seriously.

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