Melissa Gorga and Robyn Levy New BFFs?


Melissa Gorga is no longer friends with Jacqueline Laurita, as we previously told you and according to a new report, Gorga is now cozying up to newcomer Robyn Levy who Laurita had a blowup with on the RHONJ cast trip to Vermont.

“Robyn got to know Melissa and her husband Joe on New Year’s Eve,” a source said. “She hit it off with both of them separately and she gets along with them great.”

The source tells RadarOnline, that Levy is becoming good friends with Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga. “She has nicknames for him,” the source said.

“Melissa has things in common with Robyn like fashion,” the source explained. “Melissa has her store, and Robyn is creating her own fashion line too.”

“They have similar personalities,” the source added. “They’ve become buddies.”

The Gorgas and the Giudices stepped out recently to support Levy and her wife Christina Flores and their autism event on March 15th.

“Melissa went out to show support to Robyn and Christina as a friend,” the source said. “It’s a real friendship.”

“It makes Robyn happy to feel like she has a group,” the source concluded. “Melissa, Joe, Christina and Robyn are even real friends outside of the show.”

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  1. Of course they are becoming friends! Poor Robyn! I have some nicknames for Joe as well but I won’t share them here, well I might later!!!

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