Melissa Gorga Reveals If Working Has Strained Her Marriage To Husband Joe


Melissa Gorga is taking to her blog to explain why her new boutique is causing so much friction in her marriage. She explains that family is everything to her husband Joe and they are still figuring out a daily routine now that she’s a working mom.

“The first few weeks back to school have been absolutely hectic! I hope you are all getting back into the rhythm again. I’ll get right into it. Watching these last two episodes you really get to see the struggle Joe and I have been going through balancing both work and family life. Our babies are now all in school and are growing up so fast. I think we can all agree that it is a tough transition as parents to let them leave the “nest” so to speak. I am dreading the day college drop-off comes around!

Antonia’s Father/Daughter dance was one my absolute favorite moments of this season. She looked gorgeous and Joe looked so sharp in his suit. It is really important for Joe and I to be there for special moments like these and to raise well-rounded, thoughtful and caring children. We are so proud of Antonia and the young woman she is becoming. I live for these moments.

On top of school starting, I am also navigating running my own business and working with a partner while managing our home, and as you can see Joe has been very vocal about his feelings. It truly is a double-edged sword. Joe is so supportive (he built Envy!), but he is also very traditional and set in his ways. He wants me to be successful and follow my passion for wanting to own my business yet gets frustrated when I am at the store instead of home cooking dinner, and honestly it has just been a HUGE change for all of us.

The first year of getting a business off the ground requires A LOT of time and that’s what was causing friction between Joe and I, because I couldn’t get everything done while the kids were in school and needed his help.

To Joe, family is everything and I absolutely love that about him. It is the core piece to leading a fulfilling and happy life, and I really have been feeling the pressure to do my best at both jobs. I have been a full-time mom and now with the kids away most of the day at school, I need to do something for myself that I can own and be proud of.

Joe and I are still figuring out this new daily routine. At the end of the day, I just to want to feel the same sense of achievement he does. His resistance in accepting this new normal had just added to the confusion I had been feeling, which is what you saw on the last episode. I think what makes our marriage so strong is that we are able to communicate and listen to each other. I really heard him when he said he needed that family time again, which is why I think the dinner we had was such a healing moment in this episode.”

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  • Benny

    When did Joe Gorge become a housewife? We see way too much of him and hear way too much about their sex life. Guy is almost as creepy as cousin Kathy’s husband!!

    • Suze☕️

      Agree way, way too much and what he shows isn’t pretty! Xo

  • One Rotten Egg

    Wasn’t this post blog from the week before episode?

  • This storyline still seems contrived and overdone in my own opinion. I love watching them with their kids because they are cute, but this Archie Bunker and Edith roles are getting to be a bit much.

    • texussgal

      Love, love, love your comments Freedom!!!! You go girl.

  • texussgal

    First of all, not to be a bitch, but Melissa needs to revisit English class to learn when & how to use “I” and “WE”. Second of all, Joe Gorga may have a high opinion of himself, but that is all it is, HIS opinion of himself. What rock did he just crawl out of???? I have been working since I was 15 yrs. old and I am going to be 70 in December. I have to admit, when I got married, there was never any debate as to whether or not I would work. I have to say that I was married to the biggest Male Chauvanist Pig that ever walked the face of this earth (may God rest his soul!). While I was expected to take care of everything pertaining to the house, children, cleaning, cooking, etc., he just sat on his duff and made comments about what I had done and not done. That being said, Joe Gorga is the furthest thing from a house husband in this universe. Big deal, so he took the kids to school a few times and made a meal here and there. That doesn’t make you exactly “husband of the year” Joe. And, to tell Melissa that she is just bringing in crumbs and you bring home cake was the nastiest comment you could have ever made, you dumb f**k! Put your big boy britches on and come into the 21st century with the rest of us.

    • Aunt Bee

      I love you texussgal. But I can’t stand either Gorga and sex maniac Joe must have the lowest IQ in the whole RH franchise..

      • texussgal

        Aunt Bee, couldn’t agree with you more. Joe Gorga is disgusting with all of his sexual innuendoes. While I am not a fan of Melissa’s, I just couldn’t imagine going to bed with this creep, much less having his children. OK, that was not nice, good thing the children are cute and well-behaved. Not sure what Melissa saw in him in the first place and she HAD to know that Teresa came along with him as a “package deal”. Just stating the obvious, maybe she knew how much money he could potentially make. I mean, has anyone seen the commercial where Melissa is going to “show off her mansion”????? PS: I’m not getting alerted when people are posting……..any suggestions on what may or may not be making this happen?????

  • YoYo’sRobe

    Another reason besides the thief’s I don’t watch this show these two are so fake any scenes I’ve seen with these two looks like its been rehearsed badly.

    • Aunt Bee

      I so agree YoYo.