Melissa Gorga Reveals RHONJ Secrets


Melissa Gorga is making the rounds in the press promoting the upcoming release of her book, Love: Italian Style and in a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Melissa reveals there could be some cast changes in season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Melissa also reveals that the way producers portray Teresa Giudice as crazy is getting old. Melissa says she believes in season 5 they wanted viewers to see a softer side of Teresa, but it’s not working.

Glamour: How do you feel about this season, so far?
Melissa: I feel like they need to switch it up a little bit because it’s always been the same. It’s always been where Teresa’s the crazy one, so they’re trying to bring out a little bit of a softer side, but it’s not really working. It is what it is. I mean, it’s successful. It’s got 3 million viewers, so we’re doing something right. I think it’s because it’s about family.

Glamour: It’s stressful watching sometimes!
Joe: Imagine being us!
Melissa: I know. I think that’s why people are so into it—because it’s about family and believe it or not, this [sisters-in-law having drama] happens everywhere. No one’s crazy enough to put it on national TV, but it happens everywhere.

Glamour: Would you want some fresh blood to come in?
Melissa: I think they’re going to do it next season. They need to switch it up a little bit. I don’t know if they’d actually take anyone out. They don’t want to mess with us because sometimes when you switch things up it can change it around and people don’t end up liking it, but I have a feeling—and I’ve heard through the grapevine—that next season is going to bring some people in. We thought this season we were going to bring people in. But they have to be part of the family in some way, or it won’t really make sense. It needs to be like somebody else’s sister-in-law, you know?

Glamour: Can you suggest people?
Melissa: You can. I’ve suggested a couple people, but then they’ll try them out and be like, “Ehhh…” They have to have some kind of tie-in or it seems random with our crew. I want them to bring in more younger people because I’m one of the youngest of the Housewives of all the franchises. They’re talking about possibly doing a spin-off here or there, but we’ll see what happens. That’s what I want to do. I don’t want to do the drama in the family. I want to be like, the Melissa and Joe fun spin-off family!
Joe: We’ll give ‘em drama! We have drama!

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5 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Reveals RHONJ Secrets”

  1. Sorry but I think a Melissa and Joe Gorga show would be pretty boring. Unfortunately this little interview shows the real Melissa – a star wannabe who can’t sing. The only show I could see these two doing would be porno movies.

  2. LOL….reeeeally Melissa? You’re such a star wannabe. I love that Bravo is finally editing the show this year to show how pathetic Melissa & Joe are.

  3. I disagree with NJGAL – I really like the Wakilis. I think they are the most normal of all the families although that poor husband sure puts his foot in his mouth a lot.

  4. two yrs of having recording studio, hasn;t helped melissa . she just can’t sing. now we are seeing bravo doing the cutting splicing and editing to make teresa look bad again. don’t they ever read blogs to know they have been exposed and we are sending it to facebook,so more people read it?

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