Melissa Gorga Reveals How She Juggles Her Marriage and Running a Business


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are getting ready to start filming season 7 as Teresa Giudice will be released from prison on December 23rd and Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, is sharing her marriage secrets in a brand new interview with Bravo.

“I always say it’s probably one of the most important things [to have date nights]. I don’t know how couples can survive without being able to spend some time alone and take it back to it being about the two of them, instead of the bills, the kids, the mortgage, the work, the jobs,” Melissa said. “There’s got to be a time that you guys just hang out and remember why you like each other so much.”

So how is Melissa juggling her marriage with her new clothing boutique? “It’s a lot and I’m getting up really early in the morning and going to be [going to bed] really late at night to try to get it all in,” she explained. “[It’s] a lot of hours, but that’s OK. I drink two cups of coffee a day now, so I’m good.”

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24 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Reveals How She Juggles Her Marriage and Running a Business”

  1. This may be the most boring post a Housewife has ever made!

    That said, the secret to Melissa’s marriage is not hard to figure out. Walk him three times per day and keep his dog dish filled!

  2. “It’s a lot and I’m getting up really early…” Oh, so now you are finally doing what everyone else does and its overwhelming. Boo hoo. As fo her husband, In previous seasons, she acted repulsed by her short limbed, shit-for-brains guy and now “date night is important.” Ugh. Pass me the barf bag. She has no storyline and frankly I’ve been repulsed by these two from the get go.

    1. I always agree with you, maybe the date night happens before the marital rape she wrote about in her book? Sweet little couple, Not!! ❤️❤️

      1. Did she really say marital rape in the book? I now have “The House of Hilton” but I would never buy a book this person wrote. Gag. Blech. Bleccccchhhhhh. Uugggghhhh. Maybe she takes some kind of euphoria drug at night to keep from puking when he touches her, now that she also has to “get up early and go to bed late.” Hey, I always thought that was called having a family.

          1. Holy holla! I don’t pay attention to NJ, just read the blogs, she for real said that? I had heard that before but I thought it was just Melissa haters twisting things. Really?? That’s crazy!!

            1. She never said that specifically but from what she and her husband wrote there was very little twisting needed. She basically said if you don’t want to have sex and your husband does you should do it. And he wrote that men should ignore their wives if they say no and go for it anyway.
              They tried to cover after the book came out and say that if she says no and means no they wouldn’t have sex, but no could be said flirtingly, cuz men like to dominate and women like to be submissive.

              I haven’t read it but it sounds like an absolute disaster of a book. What makes it crazy is it must have gone through rewrites and publisher checks and no one thought to take all that stuff out.

              The New Jersey housewives have always been the worst when it comes to their husbands. I don’t for one second believe Melissa is the only one that thinks that, Back in the first season they used to discuss how you should always be subservient to your husband, Carole commented that was how she was bringing up her kids, and Lauren to serve the man. Joe basically openly cheats on Teresa and calls her he c word and she doesn’t care. And Caroline made stupid comments about Al cheating and how she should expect him too.

    2. Me also , they are disgusting- I do think Joey is a good Dad and Provider, I also think he thinks he hit the cream of the crop with her ( for him) she is a gold-digger that’s all pure and simple and she is a trouble maker- he should be careful she will strike him also JMO

  3. I just can’t with her…Jugging it all… Boutique shes had for a hot second with a partner Jackie Beard-Robinson ” we’re not fake ” Never had a nose job liar. Maybe you can say this in a year, if your store if still open….

  4. What gets to me is there’s No Shame in a nose job. It’s screens how fake and a lair she really is….Especially when it’s so obvious, Andy has asked her that on several occasions NO NO NO stop asking…

    1. I don’t see what’s wrong with having one either, silly not admitting it when it’s so obvious! I still laugh at the contouring!! Maybe I should try it? I might look twenty pounds lighter with a wee bit of contouring! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Seriously ??? The majority of women do work and run a household. Not to mention they do it on a tiny piece of her salary from the show. Disgusting… Who cares what this crazy lady can or can’t do.

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