Melissa Gorga Responds To NeNe Leakes’ Comments, Teresa’s Kids & Kim D!


Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night after The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she cleared up some viewer questions regarding what’s happened in Season 5 thus far.

A caller asked Melissa how she feels when she hears Teresa’s kids talking about her, especially Gia. “You know what? I never blame it on the kids,” Melissa says. “It goes in one ear and out the other when it comes to the kids. They’re harmless, half the time they don’t understand.. it’s a very complicated adult situation and I feel like half the time they don’t even understand what’s going on or what they’re really saying.”

A viewer on Twitter wanted to know what Melissa’s reaction was to NeNe Leakes’ comments about her respecting Teresa because she was on RHONJ first. “In a weird way I do agree,” Melissa admits. “The veterans are the veterans and you need to take your hat off to them, I agree, but at the same time I’ve had dinner with NeNe and we’ve had the best time. I know she’s heard my side and agreed with me many times as well.”

Melissa also revealed that Kim D came to her and Joe and “apologized and said she was in a bad place and she understood what she doing.” Melissa continues, “Joe had apologized also for the way he spoke to her that day. So we’ve come to a truce.”

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4 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Responds To NeNe Leakes’ Comments, Teresa’s Kids & Kim D!”

  1. Just when viewers felt a bit of hope – Andy proves-once again – He has Melissa and sico Joe’s back. All Q & A on WWHL last night were canned and rehearsed. Melissa was so fake in her “new” maturity and politically correct answers-it is like, “why bother to call in!” You are screened and told what questions you are allowed to ask. Bravo is a joke, Andy is a joke, and the poor MeGo editing for first couple of episodes was just to hook Tre fans, but make no doubt, Teresa will end this season as the same, tired ass, horrible person Andy loves to portray now for what, 3-4 seasons?
    I had hopes Teresa would walk away to another network and keep her brand alive and strong. But honestly, I hate how they portray her kids now – and I love her girls!! But Milania is already starting to show some bad habits and Gia may be at an age where…this is not the place to show the struggles of puberty and the loss of respect for her uncle. I really do not like the direction this season seems to be headed. JaCo is a sad, hateful bitch who can deny all day long-but het storyline is exploiting her son and hating Teresa. With all her problems, staying on this show should be the last thing she and Kris should have done. I do not want to watch her little boy’s condition. I really am already sick of hearing them talk about it – wrong platform! I am sick of this famy fued as everyone’s storyline – Andy has completely exhausted it, and her parents do not need this crap. Bravo-as usual-SUCKS

    1. You’re the only one who seems like a “sad, hateful bitch”. I guess someone’s not allowed to have a life when they have a sick kid. All other parents who have kids with Autism feel a little differently, as they should. They “show” her girls in that light because that’s how they are, I mean… You really can’t change how a kid acts on TV. They’re rude just like their mother, nobody to blame but their parents.

  2. Melissa you are so FAKE and a Lier you really need to just get over yourself an fast you need to keep telling yourself that you are NOT by far TERESA or NENE and you will never ever be where these 2 come from ever, Everyone will see Exactly the nasty person you really are . You need to go away an try to be a nice woman for once an stop playing the Victim that you think you are …..

  3. Nothing like reading Tre fans ignorant comments about how Tres kids are being shown in a bad light and how they are sick of hearing about Jacs sons autism. You sound like a miserable hateful person. I have 2 young sons and I would never let them act like Tres kids do. Tre andher husband should never be talking bad about melissa and her hubby in front of those kids which apparently happens a lot with all the rude comments they make about Melissa being on a pole lip syncing etc. They should be ashamed and tell their kids no matter what they don’t talk about adults that way. Its so inappropriate and cringe worthy. As far as Nicholas and his autism I think it was brave of Jac to discuss it and show her family struggles dealing with an autistic child. I’m sure many viewers can relate. I wonder how you feel now that the Guidices have been exposed and arrested for their criminal behavior. Whos the liars now?

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