Melissa Gorga Responds To Cheating Allegations, “I’m Innocent Of Every Disgusting Thing Those Scheming Ladies Cooked Up!”


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to let viewers know that she felt hurt and betrayed by the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey where her former friend accused her of cheating on her husband. Melissa says she is not even going to defend herself against the disgusting allegations, and says Teresa should have walked away and should not be around women that talk about her in this manner.

Melissa writes, “It wasn’t fun to come home to this episode. I honestly have no idea where to start. My head is still spinning. At this point, I don’t know who to trust. I don’t know what to believe. Everyone seems to be motivated by her own purposes. Somehow, that always means gossiping and spreading lies about me. I don’t go looking for drama, but if someone insults or lies about me, I have to defend myself. At this point, I’m sick of doing it. I just want the B.S. to stop.

I should have seen it coming. I write about marriage, so I’m accused of cheating. If I wrote about gardening, I’d be accused of planting plastic trees. I should write about friendship, something like, “The friends you make as a lonely teenager are not necessarily who you want in your life later on.” I thought I was being a good friend keeping ties long after we’d grown apart. Good intentions can get you stabbed in the back. It hurt to live through it, and to watch it play out. I’m still a bit in shock.

I’m not going to defend myself against what was said about me. I’m innocent of every disgusting thing those scheming ladies cooked up about me. I know who I am, and what I’ve done. My family and friends know it too. Like I said in the episode, I don’t like to put everything on Teresa and I DON’T. But there is something to be said about the company you keep. And when an accusation as disgusting as giving BJs is being discussed on national TV about your own sister-in-law, no matter how much you “don’t like her,” I think what most people would do is: immediately get up and walk away, reach out to their family to give them the heads up since the last time this happened it caused such a divide, and maybe not tweet that “It was a good night” so that your brother and his wife don’t think that you enjoyed hearing this.”

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12 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Responds To Cheating Allegations, “I’m Innocent Of Every Disgusting Thing Those Scheming Ladies Cooked Up!””

  1. Why do you blame Teresa when I saw you having lunch with this same friend and when you started talking about your wonderful marriage she was rolling her eyes to another friend at the table. So please explain how that’s Teresa’s fault.

  2. Melissa I feel for you….. I have a sister in law who is exactly like Theresa who i dont see often and she is so jealous of me and my family. I love my brother but he also has to live with her so I respect his decision. They dont have a great relationship either but none of it is my business. If Teresa really wanted to start to repair all the crap she would have stood up and said I won’t be part of this conversation so unless your going to change the subject I am going to have to leave. She thrives on the drama and on the surface she thinks she is doing the right thing but she is far from it. Good luck you don’t deserve this but unless you completely separate yourself from the Giudices go about your business and have whatever relationship you have with Joe’s parents (invite them over and if the discussion turns to Teresa you say, dad we love Teresa very much its hard right now and we are doing everything we can to make things work and leave it at that. No more discussion.
    YOu dont have to have a relationship with your sister in law and her parents. I have my mom over for dinner and we take her out. She goes with my brother and family once in a while and we are all happy. I NEVER discuss my brothers family. I had to block my sister in law from FB and she called me up and gave me shit about it. I just told her I am a very private person and I just want my life to be my own. It does work. Later on if we can work it out we will. If not I did all I can do. Good Luck

  3. Pot calling the kettle black? No even so. Melissa likes to play the victim. Here’s why: When she was out with that horrible person she calls a friend (can’t even remember her name?) Melissa kept insinuating that Teresa isn’t a writer and that her books are just recipes and that somehow her’s is better because her book is an actual book (lol), something to that effect. Stupid little jabs that discredit Teresa’s business. Her “friend” also made some mean comments about Teresa and what did Melissa do? Nothing. She didn’t walk away and say “You know what, that’s my sister in law, I don’t want any part of it.” She allowed that piece of scum to talk and even fueled the fire. Yes, the remarks that this person said about Melissa were WAY worse than what was said about Teresa, but at least Teresa stayed quiet. She even at the end said she didn’t want to hear it.

    I’m not team Teresa, but I’m certainly not team Melissa. She plays the role of “poor me, poor me” and its transparent. She puts the blame on Teresa all the time and if she were the bigger person and the enlightened one than she would cut the BS. She doesn’t make an effort to improve the situation. I don’t see her making an attempt, like Teresa did, to go on the retreat and work things out. Melissa always wants to change but isn’t taking the initiative. Why? Because Melissa loves that attention and if she can make amends she would and could. But, she never will because once the feud is over and she lays down her sword, she’ll become irrelevant to the show and she’ll be gone, which is what she cares about more than her own “family” that she says she loves.

    1. Well I am team Teresa ever since Joe Gorga called his sister garbage at the Christening. Somehow that was Teresa’s fault as well. Your post is on point,

    2. Also, who wants a marriage like Melissa and Joe’s? Her writing that book about their “sexy” marriage is laughable. All Joe does is try and play grab ass with her while telling her to turn around so he can see her ass. Melissa always looks at him like he makes her skin crawl. How is that sexy or anything anyone cares to read about? Melissa has bigger problems then what her friends are saying behind her back.

  4. I don’t like how everything is blamed on Teresa. Yes, she sucks but she doesn’t do everything that Melissa is involved in. Like I still didn’t see how Teresa was involved in last season’s setup. I’ve watched that episode-that part, in particular-more times than I care to count and I still don’t see it.
    ALSO…I used to believe (and I don’t know why, nobody’s perfect) that Melissa was always the victim of Teresa’s slings. But when the timeline of her father being the hospital came up, Teresa was right; Melissa lied about it. She shouldn’t have brought it up at her bratty daughter’s party, but Melissa lied about it. She and Joe Gorga are always talking about Teresa needing to say sorry, but they do, too. All involved are wrong and need to admit it. Admit it, apologize for EVERYTHING wrong, and vow never to bring it up. Starting over means just that, starting over. They need to get that through their thick skulls. They are all wrong.
    Also, Jac is spit-crazy. She needs some sort of counselling. Just saying. 🙂

  5. I wish stumpy would just put a saddle on his horsey-face and ride away into the sunset and take nasty ass Andy with them. These people and Miss Andy has run this show to no return.

  6. I watch all the RH shows, every episode, love it, but dear BRAVO PLEASE! re-cast the New Jersey show. I hate seeing that family feud every Sunday, Melissa needs to go home and write a book on “How to ruin your husband’s relationship with his family.” Jacqueline is crazy and very childish, crying all the dang time! Its just weird to hear all the hateful things she has to say, what the heck makes her tick? Know it all Caroline makes me cringe, judgemental hypocrite, Shut up already! The Wakiles are gross, I actually fast forward through them, icky! The only real star of this show is Teresa, why is Bravo taking her down with all these haters? Seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to beat Teresa down, pitting her friends and family against her, so WRONG! Bring back Dina! And for the love of God! Please get rid of all the pot stirring idiots, especially Kim D. We want the Teresa and Dina show! Hairless cats and googly eyed kids! Love Love Love!

    1. I completely agree with you! I fast forward the Wakiles and don’t understand why they’re on the show. I liked the original cast & seeing their relationships with their beautiful kids, and their adventures as friends. Bringing Melissa and Kathy sort of ruined that for me since I don’t see how they make the show enjoyable all they do is talk about Teresa! I don’t take sides but lets be honest the only reason Kathy and Melissa are on the show is because of Teresa. You can even tell with Kathy for example how much she’s changed her cars house etc from the beginning to appear to have a “lavish” lifestyle like the others. They’re all at fault they always make jabs at each other. Honestly I feel like Melissa doesn’t love Joe the way she says and that comment about making her skin crawl is true too (in my humble opinion). The reason for the Joe Teresa problem is -lets face it – Melissa l. She wants to play victim and keep Joe away from his family. She likes the attention to much. If she were a real and genuine enough person she would admit that she has been wrong as well as step up as she says she does and let go of Teresa, ignore her and be the bigger person so her husband and sister in law can be a family again. Both Teresa and Melissa are the type of people that HAVE to win or somehow be right, they should admit to this and stop the war between each other- we get it you’re both divas. I’m sure this could be resolved if Melissa stepped up and became the bigger person she says she is. As for Jaqueline, I definitely think she plays the part of innocence but she definitely is NOT at all.

  7. She don’t want to defend herself cuz she knows her ass will get airied out but Tre must walk awy bitch go play in dirt did u walk away when they said Tre was jealous of u noooooo so y should she u have one pussy Joe…not Tre…hey your friends don’t like u….and I believe u cheated that’s why u not saying shit stop frting u a hoodrat climbing on Tre back she feeds u and the whole jersey just say her nam it rings MOney

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