Melissa Gorga Reacts to Kim D’s Allegations


Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night and confirmed she still has beef with Kim D.

A caller asked if Gorga felt like Envy was in competition with Posche, Melissa had an interesting analogy for Kim D. “No, I think every now and again, a rat needs to come out of the sewer for a piece of cheese,” she said, referring to a recent interview Kim had given.

“I found out that she was telling Jacqueline [Laurita] and the other girls not to come to my store, not to film there and not to come to my fashion show,” Depaola revealed. Kim also had claims about other parts of Melissa’s life. “She’s had four nose jobs but won’t even admit to one,” she said. “And her relationship with Teresa [Giudice] is fake. They don’t bother with each other off-camera. Teresa can’t stomach the sight of her.”

When Andy asked Melissa about Kim’s comments, Gorga used the rat analogy, which prompted Kim to tweet Andy, telling him Melissa knows “everything there is to know about rats.”

We will be seeing Kim D later this season on RHONJ.

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  1. I like Melissa and always have there are not enough small business women out there and I wish her the best Kim D shouldn’t have the monopoly on tacky / gaudy clothes in New Jersey

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