Melissa Gorga Questioned About Paternity Of Her Children


Melissa Gorga appeared on the TODAY show to promote the release of her book, Love Italian Style, and was interviewed by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. During the interview Gifford reportedly asked Melissa if Joe was the biological father to all of her children, Antonia, 8, Gino, 5, and Joey, 3, which made Melissa very angry. “Kathie Lee was asking general stuff about the book, and out of left field, she asked Melissa if Joe is in fact the father of all her children,” an insider told In Touch. “Melissa got really annoyed by the question.

“It was actually really rude of Kathie to go off script like that,” the insider explained of Melissa’s shock at the question. “It really upset Melissa, and Bravo wasn’t happy about the question either.”

The Gorgas and Bravo are so upset with Kathie Lee they are reportedly asking for a public apology.

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8 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Questioned About Paternity Of Her Children”

  1. It is a valid question since the cheating rumors are so rampant. I would hope Kathy would not apologize for asking a question that a lot of people were wondering about. Good for Kathy for doing her job.

    1. I disagree. How would you feel if someone questioned you on live television if your husband was the father of all your children? I don’t think you would think “Good for Kathy Lee for doing her job!” Like Melissa would admit it to Kathie Lee anyway!

  2. Melissa is my least favourite of all the housewives but I have to take her side on this one. I thought that question was classless, more like something Wendy Williams would ask. It bothers me though that Bravo isn’t happy about this because you know if anyone had asked Teresa that they wouldn’t give a rats ass

  3. The page seems to have been removed, which makes me wonder if the story has been retracted. It would be shocking if Kathy Lee indulged rumors of cheating that seem to have originated in a circle of seeming psychopaths seeking fame and airtime by attacking a young family. Gee, I hope they’re all proud of themselves for this, their ringleader included. Lovely.

  4. This is such a stupid story. If you actually watched the interview you would know that KLG was only asking in jest to make fun of the rumors and Melissa laughed it off because she understood that was what was happening. I get so sick of people talking about something that they didn’t even watch!!!!

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