Melissa Gorga On The Wendy Williams Show! She Talks Finale, Reunion, & More!

Melissa Gorga stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to discuss The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, the reunion, and some other family drama we didn’t even know about! She reveals at the reunion Kim D admits Teresa was in on the set-up, and some confrontation between her and Teresa at Gia’s birthday party. You must watch!

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Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Wendy Williams


One Reply to “Melissa Gorga On The Wendy Williams Show! She Talks Finale, Reunion, & More!”

  1. I live in an exculisive area, in a brilliant home. I have thriving career, a successful Husband, a wonderful son, dogs, a ferret.. We have Friends.. We have in-laws.. I just don’t get it? Why r these people even interacting with each other if they detest each other so much? Seriously, I would never call my Sister or Brother out on how they act, their pan personal business or who they married..We r Adults..We have our own families of our own and our own social circles.. We don’t have to see each other on holidays.. Everyone hrs their own businesses and crazy schedules.. Maybe, it’s a WASP thing but do people really treat each other like this in real life? I believe everyone in this NJ franchise & I mean everyone should be institutionalized for at least 48 hours and have complete psychological evaluations.. Then, I’m thinking a family rate on therapy? Wait, who am I kidding? This group should be lobotomized for the health, safety, well being and safety of the American Viewers.. I have never been a fan, I can only stomach the NYH & BHH Franshise and even then it is of the watching a train wreak in process type of morbid guilty, well these could not be actual people, they have to be characters.. If these are real actual lives and not storylines, then sociopathy is alive and thriving on reality TV.. Yikes..

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