Melissa Gorga On Cover Of Us Weekly!

Oh my… and the drama with The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues. After continuously bashing Teresa for getting paid for being on the cover of tabloids, Melissa Gorga is on the cover of US Weekly with the big title ‘She Tried To Destroy My Family.’ In the mag, on stands later this week, Melissa talks about how Teresa set her up.

In the magazine Melissa says she has proof Teresa set her up at the Posche Fashion Show, and she is done with Teresa forever. Melissa tells US Weekly, “Watching the episode brought back so many emotions. I was sick. It makes me want to stand in front of Teresa and scream at her. It makes my skin crawl.”

“Anyone with two eyes can see that it was a complete setup. For the last four seasons, Teresa got her hair and makeup done in her house by the same stylists. Are you trying to tell me it’s just such a coincidence that Teresa happens to be going with her new buddy, Kim DePaola — a troublemaker and s**t stirrer — to this salon she’s never heard of, and it just so happens to be this guy for the salon, and it just so happens he knows me?” she tells the mag.

“I was a bartender. Lookers [where she knew Angelo] was not even a strip club. There was no nudity. It was girls wearing bikinis. There were no lap dances, no back room. I wore black shorts, a white tank top and sneakers,” she says.

Wow, what do you think of Melissa taking to the cover of US Weekly? Hypocritical? 

Photo Credit: US Magazine


7 Replies to “Melissa Gorga On Cover Of Us Weekly!”

  1. Melissa needs all she can get with her lip singing career. Tre is doing very well with her career so of course melissa is going to copy her. She needs to watch her back with Jac, an Caroline, they will turn as soon as she is more successful then them.

  2. Melissa can sing! Theresa is obviously very jealous of Melissa and doesn’t like it if someone else is in the spotlight. Theresa’s cookbook, oh please. we know someone has been helping here put it together. She can’t even speak English correctly or pronunciate some words correctly. She is seen repeatedly struggling for words to express herself. Melissa on the over on the magazine expessing herself is a given right in USA, I think
    Melissa finally got fed up and now Karma’s a ?!X&!


  4. Claudia PLEASE!!Cat Rodriguez even additmetted that Melissa was in on her own set-up and so where the housewives besides Teresa!!It wasn’t to make Melissa look bad it was supposed to make Melissa look like the vicim and, Teresa look like the bad guy!!!Cat has been in contact with every housewives besides Teresa.Cat even got fired for the set-up!!Melissa is a liar!!!!Melissa is jeolous of Tersea fame and sucess!Melissa can’t sing she lip-sings!Teresa cookbooks are sucessful!Your such an idiot!!Kharma is a BITCH and shes going to get her hopefully in season 5!!!

  5. Melissa is not anything compared to Teresa, she has to use Teresa to get on a magazine, please Melissa you are the liar , two lies so far , just how many things have you done and why come on Teresas show if shes so bad??? Well, I think we know , you came on to bring Teresa down hahaha you cant do it , even Nene told TAKE A SEAT!!! lol, Just sit down, go away or just shut up!!!!! Please just leave, I hope you do move and dont come back on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well its dec.2015 and alot has happen! Who’s the one smart one now? Theresa or Melissa?? I can’t believe that Theresa didn’t let Melissa vist her in prison. We ( my fam. and friends) all think here in texas that Theresa doesn’t like Melissa…its so sad… Theresa iam sorry but we all can see ur manipulating ways. So so sad. Your brother loves u so much! I pray u realize karma is a bitch and you need to love & love for real! Not just love material things!!! Learn through your mistakes your beautiful but when you bash others you are ugly inside n out. Please i pray u change …u have hurt many many people in your life. God has given you a second chance. I’ll be praying for you.

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