Melissa Gorga, “Joe Is No Whipped Or Brainwashed!” Says Teresa Giudice Tries To Break Up Her Marriage!


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain that her husband, Joe, is not whipped or brainwashed by her, but that they have a “real” marriage. Melissa says she sticks by her words that Teresa was trying to mind f**k her brother and break up their marriage! She says that it bothers her that her in-laws “look at her like she’s the devil” because they are only hearing one side of the story.

Melissa writes, “If I hear the phrase “pu— whipped” one more time, I’m going to have to break something. A whipped man would never call out his wife if he thought she did something wrong. Joe wasn’t happy about my Chanel bag tweet. Meanwhile, anyone who says he never sticks up for his sister should be eating their words right now. In my own defense, I posted it in reaction to Teresa retweeting a link to a nasty blog about me. I was pissed off, and I impulse tweeted in retaliation. We’re constantly going tit for tat, and we’ll never get anywhere that way. Joe told me I was wrong to do it, and I agreed with my husband. I shouldn’t stoop to her level. It only gives her something to complain about.

That’s our marriage in a nutshell. Joe will defend me to anyone. But when we’re alone, if one of us has a problem with something the other did — even something as minor as tweet — we talk it out. Sometimes, we yell it out. Joe and I have a real marriage. We argue. We struggle. We don’t put on an act like we’re happy and laughing all the time. That’s not who we are, or what we want to represent.

When Joe said, “My parents look at you like you’re the devil,” it bothered me. What Joe was trying to explain was that his parents were constantly only hearing one side of the story. We try our hardest not to get them involved. And Joe was starting to feel that his parents were getting a twisted vision of our marriage. After the fight with Teresa at Gia’s party and Joe’s argument with Teresa at the gym, we’ve had them over for dinner since and made sure they’re not upset, which I mentioned last week.

Re: mind f—ing, I don’t take that back. I do think Teresa was up to something. She said things to Joe about me behind my back. Last year, it was that I would leave him for a richer man. This year, it’s that he’s pussy whipped. Anyone would look at this situation and think, “She’s trying to break them up.” Why does she do it? Joe and I have three kids. We have a life together. Why would his sister intentionally cause tension between us? I certainly haven’t tried to cause tension in her marriage. She said I controlled my husband. Why is she worried about that at all? I just don’t get it, and I’m fed up with the negativity.

She said that if Joe agreed with me, he had to be brainwashed. That’s a harsh comment. Does she really think Joe isn’t in his right mind because he loves me? Or that I’ve got him under a spell? He’s just being a good, loving husband! No witchcraft. No voodoo. I don’t think Teresa can wrap her mind around that. He’s not a cult victim. He’s in a healthy marriage based on mutual respect, trust, and affection. Breaking news: When a husband treats his wife well, it does NOT mean he’s been mentally tampered with.”

Photo Credit: Bravo