Melissa Gorga: Jacqueline Can’t Play Us Against Each Other Anymore


Melissa Gorga is taking to her blog to discuss her feelings about Jacqueline Laurita, because she isn’t sure her feelings were heard during part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Gorga talks about how Laurita played her and Teresa against each other and how in the end family is forever.

“I can’t believe the season is already over! It had some highs and lows but was the most genuine for me and our family.

I’m proud that you got to see my journey with getting Envy off the ground. I was a young mother and never got to explore the working world. I’ve stumbled a lot along the way, but really found something I’m passionate about that allows me to feel fulfilled and doesn’t take me away from my first priority — my family.

And you finally got to see Envy’s first fashion show, which was a huge success. I am SOO happy with how it turned out and that Joe was proud of me! People have been messaging me about how great the show was, and I just want to say your support has meant so much to us! The team at Envy truly worked their asses off to put on this amazing event for a sold-out crowd. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped us raise money for the Deborah Hospital Foundation. We can’t wait to do it again next year. Come visit us at the boutique in Montclair or online at EnvybyMG.com.

I have been a part of the Housewives family for over five years now. I have made my peace and take the good and the bad that comes with being on this show. This season I definitely found my voice, although I’m not sure that voice was heard much at the reunion.

It’s hard for me to sit there with the lies, yelling and fake tears that some of the ladies bring. I think my face says it all. I look completely disgusted, and I am.

What I wanted to say, but wasn’t given the opportunity, is that Jacqueline is someone who needs a ridiculous amount of control. And when she doesn’t have it, she either gets crazy or runs away and then goes off the grid to plan and scheme. Just look back at every conflict she’s ever had on the show.

She immediately befriends everyone that comes on our show (to get intel), and she barks orders at us like she’s the boss. At the reunion, she kept cutting me off because she knew that I would call her on her bullsh–. I very rarely lose my cool, and I come with facts, not lies. That scares her.

The reunion was so frustrating especially because some of us didn’t take a “magic pill” to make us behave. I know exactly how Teresa felt sitting across from Jacqueline after all these months. She clearly had a hard time biting her tongue that day, which made it even harder for me to get a word in. I didn’t agree with her approach or everything she said, but I get it and let’s be honest, Teresa has never been one to be “zen” at a reunion.

All season long, Jacqueline has talked out of both sides of her mouth. What she can’t manufacture or suppress, though, are her insecurities, paranoia and need for control. It’s always been there, but the Gorga/Giudice family drama overshadowed it. It didn’t become an issue for her until Teresa and I agreed to put the past in the past. When that happened, Jacqueline lost her sense of power, became vulnerable and started grasping at very short, almost non-existent straws.

Jacqueline can no longer play us against each other and the moment she realized that, she started claiming that I became the problem, that I turned on her and that I wasn’t relevant or important. If I’m not important or relevant, why did she dedicate an entire blog to me? She’s desperately trying to make that true and the irony is that her attempts at doing that show everyone just how fake and disingenuous her friendship with me was. I was no longer of use to her, so she tried to find reasons to argue with me. At Kathy and Richie’s house she immediately came at me; on the bus ride to Vermont and then at dinner; ordering me to leave the room before I even got to the table at Siggy’s lunch. Every time I was around, her eyes were like daggers at me.

The sad part is that I truly thought she was my friend and confided in her. To this day, I still can’t figure out what I’ve done to her other than not immediately answer her question in Vermont while she was commanding me to, with her finger in my face. I now see her for who she is and I am not interested in playing her games.

At this point in my life, if a friendship does not work, it’s time to let it go. I don’t need friends that are trying to “win.” I also don’t just sit at home and talk about other people and Housewives all day — that’s Jacqueline’s thing.

Over the years, I think people have mistaken my kindness for weakness. Trust me, I’m nobody’s fool and definitely not anyone’s puppet. I may not be the loudest voice and sometimes having self-control doesn’t help when you are on this show, but I see the bigger picture beyond RHONJ and that’s what guides me.

I guess it’s true when people say, friends come and go, but family is forever.”

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  • Robert

    Spoken like a true victim of the Teresa Cult. You showed a lot more sense before you two were “getting along.”

  • Suze☕️

    I think what stands out here to me anyway is Mel saying people mistake her kindness for weakness??? what! I haven’t noticed her being kind or weak since she erupted into the show at the christening!

  • Bon Vivant

    Well at least a family is choosing to stick together finally. I wasn’t much for all the dark drama of the siblings imploding and all the rest of that craziness of the past few years and boycotted watching for that very reason. Jacqueline needs to move on and let it be. If things prove not to last ultimately that is neither her business nor her problem, especially as she isn’t really friends with the Giudices anymore, anyway. New storylines, please! There HAS to be more for these women to focus on.

  • Sorry to be a pessimist, but I believe Melissa is full of crap by pretending that she needed ANYONE’s help when she despised Theresa. Maybe what Theresa and Joe went through did bring the family together last year, but I don’t believe for one second that flip flopper was swayed by anyone else not to like Theresa. I agree that Jac’s really needs to stay out of it at this point and let it go. Shut the cameras down and they will all see what relationships are real.

  • Aunt Bee

    Melissa was a Tre enemy until she stuck her nose up Tre’s butt. Tre never wanted her on the show. Maybe if Rosie and Kathy start licking same butt Tre will accept them but I don’t think R & K will stoop that low. The Gorgas are seeking the spotlight and be able to advertise their business ventures. Another show I no longer watch.

  • To completely disagree with many I respect here, I think Melissa and Teresa have both grown up. All of the stuff, and it was a lot, that happened within the family, started with Jo Gorga at that Christening, IMO, not Melissa. Her and Teresa both did very immature things to each other, and said horrible, stupid, almost unforgivable things to and about each other. I believe it says a lot more about them than it would about those who have had very little BS in their past. They both decided to forgive, a lot of stuff, years of stuff, and move on. Like adults that really have to decide every time it is thrown in their faces by people like Jaqueline, to move on. To disallow the past from becoming part of the future. I applaud both of them for sticking to their deal. I bet it is difficult when someone ( gee, I wonder who brought up the Christening and the sprinkle cookies??? ) to stay in the present. It reminds me of when I was on a plane with my sister once. I used to be a white knuckle flier. When she told me I was brave, I was shocked because I was close to tears with fear. She said “if you weren’t frightened, it would mean nothing for you to fly to Spain. But being that you are scared to dea**, and you got on the plane anyway, that shows your bravery.” Maybe no one sees the analogy here, but I think both Teresa and Melissa are being genuine. Neither one of them is being a soldier to the other, IMO. They have decided to remember they are family. They have made it clear to those around them that it is of utmost importance to them, the two in the relationship, that it be known that they are united. I see it as a beautiful thing.

    • Cecilia

      Thank you so much for putting the positive side out here. I agree with you and if or if not the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s not Jaqs business. Wth happened to JL this season? T and M aren’t completely wrong about her face. I’m sorry but I’m just being honest. She looks a bit plastic and nothing moves! She scares me a little when she goes from tears, to rage, to the scariest, that evil grin. All of this in just minutes. Leaving tre and Mel out of this for a second. She’s acted like this with Siggy and even the most level headed new cast member. There is seriously something wrong with that girl.

      • Thanks, Cecilia. What was interesting to me was when they were having dinner after Robyn was forced to leave, after Jaq was talked into sitting back down, Siggy said ” Theresa doesn’t know the beginning of the fight, we should explain it to her” or similar words with that meaning, but Jaqueline said, “It doesn’t matter how it started, it matters how it ended.” Because she didn’t want it known that SHE started the fight saying she thought Robyn was a soldier to Teresa. Simple. She is sneaky, and unpredictable. Melissa was right on when she said Jaq wants the spot right next to Teresa, obsession for sure. Even on the bus to Vermont, she started with Robyn, Teresa’s guest, saying that that she had been watching her, thinking she was one of those in Teresa’s ear. What effing business is it of hers who Teresa has for friends, for one thing, and Teresa is a big girl, she doesn’t need Jaq to vet her friends. Then, the other odd thing was when she said she wondered of Teresa had really changed, the sign being Teresa’s choice of Robyn as a friend. What? Teresa doesn’t have to prove to anyone how and when she grows and changes, especially Jaqueline. No one leaves behind their heart, their personality, or their ideals. And, it isn’t up to Jaq whether or not Teresa deserves anything. If anyone is “in Teresa’s ear” or trying to be, it’s Jaqo.
        The past is the PAST. No one, NOT ONE PERSON, can change anything about it. The only recourse is to leave it all behind, forget it. Mainly though, don’t allow jealous, unbalanced people hopped up on too many benzos to constantly throw a wrench in the works. It does take adults, like Melissa and Teresa have become to truly move beyond all of the hurt, and all of the BS that went on for years. I never thought I would say that it was my opinion that Melissa had any sincere qualities, but I have seen the difference in her. I don’t believe it has anything to do with Teresa having an important spot on the show. They are family, their children are cousins.
        No matter what I think of their crimes, I don’t believe it means she doesn’t have the right to take care of her needs, to live her life, to reveal her feelings and deserve to pursue happiness. No matter what I think of Jo Guidice, Teresa is still without him for a long time. It will be a long, difficult road. And if anyone believes she hadn’t paid her debt already, she certainly will have by the time he comes home.
        I wish the best for the entire family, and my sincerest hope is that Teresa and Melissa support and love each other forever.

  • Please !!! Rolling my eyes!!! She was happy to cram herself up Jacqueline & Caroline’s butts when she & Theresa weren’t on good terms but now that Theresa is playing nice in the sandbox now those 2 are dirt. Use people much?

  • bluebell

    I use to really like Melissa & Joe. But I’m not happy with the way they are treating Jacklyn & Chris. They had their back for so long. Teresa is just playing a sick game. I can’t stand her. Hope she never comes back. She has no remorse.