Melissa Gorga, “I Have Never Met Danielle In Person.” Plus- “We Pay Our Mortgage And We Are NOT Broke!”

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up a few things that have been circling the internet. She answers questions about Danielle Staub, Teresa, Kim D, and why she and Joe are really selling their home.

Melissa writes, “First and foremost I want to thank all of you for tuning in each week to watch the saga unfold. It must be extremely frustrating not knowing a lot of the back story and the issues that went on with all of us way before the RHONJ even existed. The fact is we’ve always had our issues and the Joes have always had theirs. I do think we were all trying to fake it until we made it, but in the last year or so it’s just all come to a head. I think the show is so successful, because what you’ve seen also goes on in so many of your own homes and with your own in-laws, cousins, siblings, and you understand where we are coming from. I know there are so many questions that you all tweet to me (and all the Housewives for that matter), and while I would love to answer them all, I have three babies and Joe to take care of, so it’s just so hard to get to all of them and all the emails, but know that I appreciate you and I love you so much.

What I do want to assure you is that I am at home sitting at the island in my kitchen writing my blog. I know there is a lot of talk about how we don’t all write our own blogs, but it’s very important to me that you know this is coming from MY heart. This is not a dig. It’s the truth. I think all of you have found comfort in the fact that what I say is real and the truth. Whether you love me or hate me, you know when I tell you something I’m going to give you an honest answer. I realize that is how I have grown so much with this show and have received such a huge amount of support after being on this show two years less than everyone else. My signings have been surreal, my Twitter followers are amazing, and the support for my music is more than I could have ever asked for. I have no intentions of ever disappointing anyone and stopping the real talk. I have read a lot of your questions and I’m going to try to answers the ones I see the most. Hope this is helpful to you.

Did I contact Danielle to get on the show? 

NO! I’ve said it many times; she saw the sprinkle cookie story on Facebook and inboxed me. She did ask me to film with her, and I declined. Was it a little malicious? Yes. Teresa and I weren’t even speaking at the time, and it wasn’t because of the show. It was because of hurtful comments she used to say to me that I would constantly brush off. I always smiled at her and let it go. Yes, it sat in my head, and yes, a lot of the comments she used to make are very similar to the ones you’ve seen her say to me for the last two seasons. The thing is I never threw the first punch. I pretty much took anything she threw at me in the beginning. I’m a smart girl and I knew her type from Day 1, but this is my husband’s sister, so what was I supposed to do? I dealt with it. Then as Joe and I started really building our family and becoming more successful, Teresa and Juicy’s comments would become more and more hurtful. Sometimes I would brush them off and Joe just wouldn’t be able to. We would leave their house and just say, “What the hell was that?” Mind you this was years before the show. So did I speak to Danielle? Yes. Did I meet with Danielle? No. To this day I have never met Danielle in person.

Did I ever try to get on the show before I was asked to be on it? 

NO! I never once asked Teresa to put me or my family on the show. I’ve never called a producer and there was no audition tape where we said we will “take down” Teresa. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be on the show. They don’t cast people who beg and promise malicious things. As you can see, there are many desperate people on Twitter begging to be on the show. None of them get cast. It’s not Bravo’s style. The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it. You didn’t see a lot of us because of the circumstances I just described above. You want real talk. I remember when Teresa got offered the show. She was at my house for dinner and we were all discussing it as a family. Most were telling her not to do it. I told her to go for it. I said take the opportunity. If I had been jealous I wouldn’t have told her to go for it. I also called her and said congrats when she got it! To be honest, I thought it would calm her down with me. I thought this would help her feel like she “wins” — that she is the best. I thought she would feel more secure now and stop coming at me so we could just be a family. I was so wrong about that. It just got worse. Whatever little “need to be the best” bug that was inside of her was biting her harder. It started to become out of control. The truth is a few years later the producers contacted me and we took that same opportunity.

Do I still think Teresa set me up? 

Yes. Kim’s story has changed so many times since that night I can’t keep up. She did set me up, she didn’t set me up, there was no set up. Enough already. I think Kim D’s reason is so ridiculous for wanting to hurt me. She is a 50-year-old woman that is coming at me for going to another boutique. Would Kim really put all this time and effort into this set up just because of that? By the way, Teresa also shops at the other Posh and Kim knows it. It was proven in the footage when Angelo said Teresa knew, because he also said “Kim and Teresa wanted me to do this thing.” Come on, everyone, lets be reasonable, there were a lot of things falling in both of their laps that day. The hair salon was just too convenient that day. Why couldn’t Teresa call me in between the hair salon and the fashion show? Give me a warning of what Kim was doing? The heart pounding, the blinks, the nervousness. Then Kim D. comes to the reunion and admits Teresa knew it was a set up for me. It’s all right there, and honestly I know in my heart what she was doing. It’s written all over her face. Of course she was in on it. More importantly, why isn’t Teresa mad at KIM? Why isn’t she mad at her for doing this to her brother’s wife? Why isn’t she upset with her for causing all this commotion when everything was so good between us? Why did Teresa just do a signing at Kim’s store after all of this? Why was Kim tweeting pictures last week out at nightclubs with Teresa? Seems Teresa is returning the favor.

Why am I selling my house? 

There are some of the most ridiculous rumors out there that we can’t afford it and that we are broke. Joe and I have worked very hard for many years to get where we are today. When we first started the show, we only owned one building. Now we own four or five. Joe was the only one bringing in money for the last few years, because I didn’t work and I was with the kids. Now we are both bringing in money. Why on earth would anyone think we are in that position? It’s just ridiculous. We do pay our mortgage and we are NOT broke. There is a wonderful thing called the internet where you can look up public records and find out what we paid for our house, the rate on our mortgage, pretty much everything. The truth is this: we put our house up to get away from the negativity. I have to protect my family. I don’t want my children around anyone, including family that is speaking badly about me or trying to put me down. I see it happening already. I couldn’t believe what my nieces were saying about me, and as the girls get older it will only get worse. Then they will begin to tell my children what they hear about me from their mother. I can’t have that. I won’t have it. If you bring Zia Teresa’s name up to my children they never say a negative thing about her, and as long as I can help it they won’t. They know nothing about what is happening between us, and I would like to keep it that way for them as long as I can.”

Tell Us- Do you believe Melissa?

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9 Replies to “Melissa Gorga, “I Have Never Met Danielle In Person.” Plus- “We Pay Our Mortgage And We Are NOT Broke!””

  1. No I don’t believe her!!!
    She did try to get on the show,her and Teresa backstabbing brother!Danielle even kept all the meg,emails,and contacts that she and Melissa sent back and forth.

    As the posche fashion goes,the girl was contacted by the bias producer (that edited everything to make Teresa guilty,and the other cast members went along with it,including Melissa when she found out).Melissa even contacted Joe Gorga through txt to tell him everything that was going to go down,and him,Richie where both next door.Sadly to say but Andy was invovled in the editing to,and also Melissa was shaken up because Danielle was supposed to be there,bravo even contacted Kim G,and she refused.

    The house issue!
    Melissa and Joe are selling there house because they are broke,and the house was never made for them to live in,it was suppose to be sold for alot of money,but only after stalking bravo and they turned Melissa and Joe down because they where boring, Melissa went after Danielle next,It wasn’t her last attempt,but Danielle turned them down because they wanted to flim with her and help her to attack Teresa, and suprise her with the attack.The last attempt was another audition tape where then she put Teresa brother in it,and both said they would”expose”and destroy,and defame Teresa,then only they got on the show and kept the house to not only show up richer then Teresa but show that they are (rich even though there not)!

  2. Melissa go sit down if u didn’t like teresa so much why the hell would u be on the same show as her putting her brother in it is bad they have only each other and joe u just as bad how u defame your blood u look stupid doing that and please keep your damn clothes on this season and stop talking about sex I also read didn’t u have rape charges in u poor gia watch out your uncle likes lil girls your sick and so is your big forehead wife o and u can’t sing find a new hobby ummm stripping sounds good lol…..

  3. I believe her because we saw it with our own eyes. I feel sad for you that you even feel the need to defend yourself &/or your choices! When Theresa was first on she seemed like the ditzy-happy-go-lucky girl & from the time after the table flip a change came over her in some need to prove herself & not be seen as ditzy this hunger seemed to arise that changed her drastically into someone surprisingly so mean spirited too. We see how often you went out of your way to accept & even push your husband into trying. You have been up against his parents too & her husband but it shocks me how much the kids were allowed in on conversations & encouraged (not reprimanded) in saying mean things about you. Take your angels & run they’d only grow up too fast if attending same school but you can’t blame the kids it’s a reflection of how they are parentedwhat a shame! Lastly if you offered to pay of my house or help me financially I’d be happy & thankful (just for the record,but I’m poor & disabled) but I was shocked that they were “offended” at the mention of your helping them over a rough time that they spentord time trying to deny! OMG boggles my mind! I believe you/her whole heartedly! Have a better & Happy New Year Melissa & Joe & family!

    1. Chante’ Finally someone who can see through all the crap. Melissa is way more sincere than her sister in law,are people blind it is seen time and time again. Teresa is finally giving up cause she has finally figured out she can’t win in destroying her brother’s marriage .can’t beat them join them.
      Now more than ever Teresa needs her brother’s support,and Joe made it clear for you to have me accept Melissa and stop trying to destroy our family own up to your meddling and we can move on. karma has come back and has taken a huge bite out of Teresa’s butt.

  4. Omg Melissa has been caught in so many lies, anyone who believes what crap she is spitting out now needs glasses and some good hearings aides…and maybe their head examined…she is such a disgusting person,what she has done to Teresa and the senior gorgas is unforgivable, and stupid Joey gorga/Marco is controlled by his penis, not his brain, I question if her even has a brain…not to worry Melissa s past is catching up to her and karma is a bi****

  5. Boy this girl sounds like she is really starting to believe her own web of lies. She forgets that not only can we see Teresa’s behavior on TV but we can see hers.
    The little green monster that she claims her sister in-law has inside her has jumped sides. She is less obvious with her behavior and a bit of a better manipulator. It doesn’t mean she is a better person. It just means it is less obvious.
    You can see her making fun of and being mean to Teresa at various times.

    Jealousy is an evil thing and it can destroy people. No matter what Melissa says the truth is Teresa had something she wanted. Teresa was the one she followed. It isn’t the other way around. She can say she didn’t contact Bravo but that really doesn’t matter either way. She came between Teresa and her friends. These are women she wasn’t friends with before and now wants them to side with her. Doesn’t she have any friends of her own or does she just need to keep trying to take whatever her sister in-law has.

    As for the money stuff. Well I don’t know them personally so I can’t comment but her remark about how hard “She and Joe” have worked just kills me. What work did she do? She married well. That is not a job the last time I checked. She hadn’t accomplished anything except spending her husband’s money. That is until she went after whatever his sister had started doing.

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