Melissa Gorga: Hopefully We Can Move Forward


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of RHONJ. Melissa dishes on her ideas for the Gorga’s new business venture, her thoughts on Amber and Nicole’s sit down and Rosie’s girlfriend Ellen.

Melissa writes, “OK, OK… Maybe we shouldn’t put wings on the plasma truck, but I really want it to stand out and make a statement! The inside of the truck and the technology we are using is not ordinary, so I didn’t think the truck should be. It wasn’t easy trying to convince two men that I’m right on this one, but in the end we compromised and the truck turned out great! Also, Back to the Future was one of my all-time favorite movies growing up, so when I hear scientist, I always picture “Doc.” And to be honest, everything that goes on in the plasma facility is very futuristic. So there you go, I kind of make sense.

‎‎I have to say I absolutely loved watching the scenes of Teresa and Rino and their handsome son, Giovanni. It still amazes me that these two were actually divorced and ended up back together and stronger than ever. It really does go to show you that true love conquers all! These two really entertain me and the more you get to know them, the more you’re going to fall in love with both of them!

I’m glad you got to see our dinner at their restaurant. Rino is such an amazing cook and I think his restaurants succeed because the owner can actually cook. Everything he makes is delicious, it’s just in his blood! Can’t wait to go to their new restaurant!

‎‎I loved that Rosie introduced Ellen. You can see it in her eyes that she really loves this woman and feels really comfortable with her. Rosie is such a joy to be around and always makes everything fun!

‎Can’t get over how big Gia is getting. Love seeing the moments with her and her daddy. There’s nothing like the father-daughter bond. I see it every day with Antonia and Joe. No one gets a little girl’s heart like her daddy!

Watching Nicole do her thing at work was so great. You could tell she definitely brings the sass and energy to that office! She’s such a doll and she always makes me laugh.

‎‎‎I really was so happy that Amber and Nicole finally decided to talk to each other. That’s really what I wanted to happen from the beginning at Bobby’s party, and I also wanted to be there with them to explain my part to Amber so she could understand why I told Nicole. It wouldn’t have been right for it to be out there for everyone to hear without Nicole being able to explain that whatever Amber heard through the grapevine wasn’t true. I’m glad they finally talked it out and hopefully we can all move on from the nonsense.”

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  1. Is there any truth you are going to switch to another house wife show? I like your jewelry line. But why did you tell Nicole what Amber said? That just caused trouble. I have noticed you do that and play miss innocent. Amber didn’t have enough sense to know she was being taped. But according to tamra and other housewives they edit so much anyway. But I have noticed you do that a lot and I do think amber trusted you. I think she thought Bobby belonged to her anyway. The way jimmi got scared Bobby was going to marry Nicole. Lol. They acted like they were jealous of Bobby and Nicole. That’s not their business. Amber even brought it up tho Nicole. If Bobby was making fun of Nicole’s make up, look at ambers. It looks awful. I don’t like her playing the cancer card either. I’m glad she made it through the cancer but she keeps bringing it up. Amber also got caught trying to lie out of what she told you. What else has she lied about? I don’t like amber or jimmi. But Melissa wish you would not repeat what ppl tell you. But keep up your jewelry line and more while you can.

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