Melissa Gorga Gives Update On Teresa Giudice On WWHL


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night to catch up with Andy Cohen and to answer viewer questions.

A caller asked Melissa how Teresa Giudice and her daughters are doing while she is serving her sentence at FCI Danbury. “She’s doing as well as can be expected for the situation,” Melissa said of Teresa. “She’s holding in there. She’s really strong and she’s really good at keeping it positive, especially when she talks to the girls on the phone and connects with her husband. The girls are doing good too, everybody is hanging in there.”

Andy asks if Melissa has seen the girls a lot. “Yeah,” Melissa said, adding that they have been playing with her children. Melissa also revealed that her husband Joe Gorga has visited his sister in prison. “I requested to go but I haven’t been approved yet.” Andy asked, “By her?” Melissa said, “No, I think it’s by the place.”

Watch the clip below.

Gorga also dished on Lauren Manzo’s recent wedding where a lot of the RHONJ cast was in attendance. First, she cleared up the controversy about Caroline Manzo wearing white to her daughter’s wedding, saying that Lauren insisted her mother wear white.

When asked which Housewives were at the wedding, Melissa revealed, “Jacqueline, Kathy, Dina [was at the church, I didn’t see her at the reception], Rosie was there too.” Melissa also noted that Joe Giudice was not in attendance when asked.

Which Housewife got the drunkest? “I’d say Rosie and I threw some down together,” she laughed.

Watch the clip below.

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15 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Gives Update On Teresa Giudice On WWHL”

  1. I presume they will be keeping her on RHONJ, very rare to see a housewife on WWHL when not during their season airing (and they aren’t promoting something), and she’s been on twice since RHONJ has been off air.

  2. Melissa is such a bad liar, stating the facility is the source that hasn’t approved her to see Teresa–NEWS FLASH: Teresa DOES NOT APPEAR to want to see Melissa Gorga.

  3. It seemed to me Melissa wasn’t so much lying about Teresa not approving her on her visitor list, as trying not to blame Teresa. But It doesn’t seem to matter what she does, the Tre-huggers are going to continue to hate her. Joe and Melissa are both spending time with Teresa’s daughters. We have seen how important Joe is to Gia…and Milania loves Melissa’s daughter, Antonia. For that reason alone, Teresa should approve her sister in law on the visitor list. I think she hasn’t, because she is still competing with her, and she doesn’t want Melissa to see her in prison. She has never admitted to herself that it was her own greed and stupidity that put her where she is, and her competition with her brother’s wife is part of the problem. I don’t think Teresa has changed at all.

    1. Teresa will never change. She will always be innocent in her small mind and blame others for any of her legal issues, including Melissa, as she has all along. No remorse whatsoever for her crimes, and a great paycheck and book deal when she gets out of prison camp…maybe even a movie..Ha. I find it funny that she can barely speak the English language and yet be able to write her memoirs at all. It may be the reading level of a six year old, but there will always be the Tre-Huggers (That term fits-good one!) who will be mesmerized by it all. RHONJ has always been a joke, and she is the star. That isn’t saying much. The show was always about laughing at mostly stupid people who talk funny and lose their tempers too often. Great entertainment…. I live NJ (Not all of us are like Jersey Shore characters either) and am so sick of seeing Tre and Joe on the news. I refuse to watch this show and stopped watching after the first few minutes of the first show of last season. I am not going to comment further. I know others love to laugh at how ignorant Tre can be or how she plays even dumber, while she milks the public of our wages by not paying her taxes or ever fully reimbursing those she owes. I am repulsed. I know her daughters are innocent, but what great role models they have…crime pays and well….

      1. ITA 100% correct, Sandra! She will never show remorse because she isn’t sorry for her deceit, only that she and Joe got caught. RHONJ is getting old and boring. I don’t want to see her in the same pose (head cocked, hand on hip and fake smile) I’ll just say I’m tired of the Giudice drama and ignorance, Melissa and Joe Gorga’s non existent storyline, Kathy and Rich W’s whining, the twins are mean and no real storyline. Rosie is cool but drinks too much. It almost makes ashamed to be Italian, but not quite as most Italians are not illiterate, winos or thugs at least not in the State where I live.

      2. I’m 110% with you Sandra and i absolutely refuse to watch ANYTHINGE with Tre or Joe in it. I refuse to support those soulless criminals!

      1. Me either…But it is always her fault. Tre claims it is because she came on the show, but it was and is obvious Teresa had envy issues regarding her sister in law way before she was ever on RHONJ. Dina and Caroline are family and were on season 1, so are the twins, who were on last season…but no one from Teresa’s family is allowed on the show…including Kathy or Rosie, her cousins.

        1. Lisa and Apple I agree with both your comments 100%, Tre has always been jealous of Melissa and idk why she would not want her cousins on the show, other than jealousy. Love Rosie!!

  4. I am not saying this because I favor one of these women over another, but I think it’s disgraceful how Theresa treats her brother’s wife. Theresa is a nasty jealous person and I am glad she isn’t my sister.

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