Melissa Gorga Gets REAL About Teresa In Her Blog!

After an exhausting (and high rated) episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey last Sunday, the pot is still stirring with cast and viewer reactions. Most recently, Melissa Gorga took to her Bravo blog to clear up some stuff, and to talk Teresa.

Melissa starts by addressing her mother-in-law, “I will say I got a sick feeling in my stomach when Caroline said she’s been in the car with Teresa and heard Teresa bashing Joe and me to her mother. This is nothing we didn’t know already, but to hear about it is just sad. Joe suffers all the time because of the wall Teresa tries to put up between him and his parents. Nothing hurts him more. When they are upset for no reason at all, my kids don’t get to see their only grandfather. I think I understand why she lied and tried to poison everyone’s minds against us, but why his own parents? It takes a person with a very, very small conscience to do that.”

Melissa continues, “Then to tell Caroline that I was a copycat, a stripper, gold digger, whore, and wanted to be her? Wow. This blows my mind. Where does she get this from? Every one of those statements is false. It is terrible to go around and try to ruin someone’s character. It’s just not right. I’m not gonna lie, I really think it’s disgusting and I wish she would stop. The sooner she stops trying to hurt other people, the sooner her own life will get better. It’s not fair to do these things and lie to all of us constantly.”

Melissa also comments on her sister-in-law’s relationship with a certain tabloid, “There is now proof that she gets paid for these articles and she was lying to us the whole time. I think her credibility is now completely gone. I tried everything I possibly could to fix the relationship between Teresa and me and Joe. It was going really well. I did this for family. I did this for my husband. It is now clear that she tried to poison all the ladies’ and the public’s minds against Kathy and me and got them to feel sorry for her. But now the truth is coming out.”

Melissa praises herself by saying, “I tried to give her advice. I also tried to make all the problems between her and her brother go away. Joe and I left that house with her and Joe Giudice Whether or not we agreed with her, of course we left with her, she is family. Last season I threw that woman Monica out of my house for her. Joe and I were not going to let them fly home drunk. We are true family. With that said, we have worked really hard to make a beautiful family of our own and give our children a healthy and happy lifestyle. I will not let anyone, family or not, try to break that. We are giving our all to her and Joe, and I deserve the same from her. Hopefully, she will reciprocate and we can keep this good thing going.”

What do you think of Melissa’s reaction to last week’s episode? Is she justified in feeling the way she does?

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2 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Gets REAL About Teresa In Her Blog!”

  1. There simply is no justification for the narcissistic Melissa. She is so desperate for fame that she will tear her husband’s family apart without a care. She can’t sing, she is too old to be a break out pop star and is just, well talentless. She is so full of herself and uses her two loser sisters to slam Teresa all day on twitter. What a weak, phoney coward. I think it is hilarious that Don Caro, who I also don’t like called her stupid in the season premier. Looks like Don Caro has decided on a new victim this year and it is the idiot, Melissa. Poor wench. Melissa is an uneducated simpleton who massacres the English language worse than Teresa does.

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