Melissa Gorga Fires Back At NeNe Leakes Over RHONJ!


During NeNe Leakes’ special one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen, she had a lot to say about The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. NeNe said that Melissa was coming onto Teresa’s show, and told Melissa to step back. Now, Melissa is firing back at NeNe.

“The vets need to thank the new girls for coming in,” Melissa told In Touch Weekly. “They amp up the ratings!”

Melissa also tells that mag that RHONJ was suffering before she came on the show. “The show needed to be revived. It got revived,” she says, “maybe NeNe feels threatened.”

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13 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Fires Back At NeNe Leakes Over RHONJ!”

  1. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll melissa u look real dumb saying that considering rhonj WAS DOING JUST FINE BEFORE YOU CAME lol it was not a sinking ship as you may think it was

      1. Someones a Melissa lover.. I have nothing against her but im pretty sure the show was doing A-OK before and after she came one.. be honest.. it was an ignorant comment from her.

  2. Does this POS seriously think SHE saved the show?!?! Wasn’t the FLOP of her “music career” enough to tell her she’s NOT all that? She makes me sick!

  3. Melissa u not even ready for NeNe and why should she be jealous u and your husband has entered Tre world I don’t respect u or joe u wanted to be on the show that tre was on know u got it and u have ruined family always remember karama is. A bitch

  4. Bravo will have a lot of backlash if they bring back Teresa and joe guidice. These people are disgusting criminals and they do not need to poison the real good people in New Jersey. Realize what they have done . I read the 43 counts and I can’t imagine bravo and Andy Cohen destroying their image and tv station by keeping these low life’s on the show. People like to watch drama but not watch people that have done what these people have done . Not unless bravo and Andy Cohen are criminals too, which I truly doubt. These people and what they have done has hurt so many families . Families that wanted to get loans and mortgages had already gotten ripoff from these people. They need to go and live in a ‘ used house’ and get honest with themselves and teach their children the real values in life, and how to live an honest life . So please bravo, don’t lower your standards with bottom feeders. Just saying, it’s all out there in the counts.

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