Melissa Gorga: Fighting With Family Hurts Your Heart


Melissa Gorga is writing her last blog of the season after part two of the RHONJ reunion aired Sunday night. Melissa says that fighting with family hurts your heart and affects so many people, and talks about where her relationship currently is with her sister-in-law Teresa.

“Another season comes to an end. Thank you so much for always supporting our family and the show. The reunions are super frustrating for me. All we want to do is explain how we are feeling and tell our side of the story, but that doesn’t get to happen when everyone talks over each other.

Joe didn’t say too much at the reunion, but the few words he did say hit home for me. It’s true, it hurts your heart when it’s family. When you fight with family it affects so many other people, not just who you are in the argument with. I’m not saying I don’t get disappointed or upset when I argue with my friends, but there is a difference.

I agreed to forgive and move forward with Teresa. When I did that, it wasn’t only for me, it was for my husband, my children and my in-laws. It’s unfortunate that I felt a lot of pressure from others to go against that promise, but I refuse to keep rehashing the past, and I am not going to break that promise for anyone.

At the end of the reunion, we all made a promise to move forward in peace.”

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  • One Rotten Egg

    i THINK she is just happy cause she has a place on the show now and doesn’t have to worry about getting the boot…

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

    I think Melissa means every word she says and I applaud her for giving up the fight and mending family bonds. If she breaks her word in the future I’d be surprised and really disappointed. I’m gonna give her & T an A for effort 🙂

    • I have to admit I was not a fan of Melissa until this year. There were many things I noticed about her this season that weren’t apparent before, maybe because of all of the struggles and conflict she was involved in. I still don’t care for her husband at all. But she loves him, and stands behind him and with him.
      First, I like that she opened a business. So, she tried other things, like a singing career. Big deal, no one was hurt. I like the method she uses when her and Jo argue. She is the opposite of others who immediately indulge in name calling and cussing, the way in which she gets her point across makes inroads toward a better marriage.
      Secondly, I believe she truly wants a good, solid friendship and family relationship with Teresa. Anyone, and I’m speaking of both of them here, who can let go of a past like theirs, and disallow intruders from cracking the bond they are building are on the road to a life long bond. They both have kept their part of the deal, and I applaud them for that too, Miss Moneypenny.
      People can and do change, if no one did we would all remain children, and we know that isn;t the case in life. I enjoy watching them learn and grow.