Melissa Gorga Explains Why Joe Gorga Charged Joe Giudice, Slams Teresa For Threatening Her!


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she is coming off like a “hard ass” this season. She says it’s because she can’t be fake anymore and pretend like everyone is getting along. She says Joe Gorga charged Joe Giudice because there were years of anger, resentment and frustration that came out. Melissa also slams Teresa for her writing in her last blog that Melissa is lucky she has kept quiet about the things she does know about her past.

Melissa writes, “When Teresa went out and told her husband what her brother called her, Joe Guidice came flying into the ballroom yelling and aggressive. Ten years of hurt and anger in my husband just exploded. He had reached his breaking point. Joe Giudice immediately demanded an apology when his wife was called “scum.” I wonder how he would have reacted if his wife were called, say, “stripper,” “cheater,” “skank ass beotch,” or “horsey face.” How about if he were called “pussy whipped” or that he “took it up the a– with a strap on?” Joe said one word — one syllable — to his sister, right to her face, not behind her back or using other people to speak for him, and look at what happened?

The fight was about anger, frustration, and resentment. We held it in for so long that eventually we just broke down and couldn’t take it anymore. What Joe was trying to explain to his family is that when you speak negatively about his wife, it is disrespecting him. From the past few seasons, I think it’s clear that neither Teresa nor her husband will ever understand that.

When the brawl started, I just reacted and jumped in to break them apart. I’d jump in front of a moving train for my husband and kids. If my family is threatened in any way, you couldn’t drag me away. Watching the fight last night, I think I confirmed my take on marriage. It’s about love, honesty, passion, respect, and loyalty. Loyalty means you stand by your man and defend him in a fight. You don’t take off and blame others later.

Even though Joe Giudice might have deserved to get slapped for the things he’d said about me, I really wasn’t trying to hurt him. I just wanted to get them off of each other. It’s pure instinct to try to help your loved ones when you feel like they may be in danger. I was in Mama Bear mode. The claws came out. I might be small, but I can and will do anything to protect my husband from people who tried to do him harm, physically and emotionally.

Immediately after the fight, Joe was devastated.  He knew that his sister and her husband would spin the fight their way and he was upset he let it get that far.  He was right. Teresa told Joe that she was the one that had to go in there and break up the fight! Really? She wasn’t there! Whatever her excuse will be, the fact is she ran in the opposite direction when her husband and brother were trying to kill each other.

It was agony to watch my husband cry. Joe is a passionate, sensitive man. He really felt destroyed over what just happened. The suffering had to stop. I was desperate to separate him from the source of the pain and get out of there.

After the fight, Teresa came to our room. She asked to talk, and Joe said “no.” She then asked me to leave my husband alone with her. I said “no.” I know my husband and we all needed to cool down. I’d say we should have slept on it, but Joe and I didn’t sleep a wink that night. We were too upset. Joe was a wreck. He could barely speak and I was shaken up watching him.

Now I know that while we were crying, devastated, and embarrassed over in the other room, nothing but giggles and Fabellini toasts. The Giudices must have felt like what just happened was no big deal. They were having sexy time in the hot tub. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I wonder what Filomena “too much boobie” Giudice would say about her son and daughter-in-law’s Jacuzzi action and his “I’m going to jerk off”?

The next morning we felt more done with trying to repair our relationship with Teresa then we ever had. I said some not nice things about Teresa’s brands. I “eggmit” it. She’d thrown mud on my projects for years, especially my singing — her rendition of “On Display” at the reunion was unforgettable. Multiple times she said I lip sync and even my nieces have repeated it. As I’ve said before, tit for tat will not get us anywhere. Two wrongs don’t make a right. When I am wrong, I say I’m wrong.

I know I’m being a bit of a hard ass this season, but I just can’t be fake. Watching your husband so upset would make any women see red. I toughened up for him. He needed to be strong for our family, and I needed to be strong to back him up. At this point, I was beyond fed up. I had lost hope and believed that the nonsense was never going to end.

As you can see, I might have had the right idea. Just last week in her blog, Teresa outright threatened us saying I am “very, very lucky that [she’s] keeping quiet about the things [she] does know” about me and my marriage. I thought we are supposed to be in a better place?  This is exactly why I didn’t want to just put on a fake smile and pretend that we could snap our fingers and the animosity would disappear. Teresa can threaten me all she likes. All day long, or all night in the hot tub. In fact, I beg her to write in her blog what she “has.” What lie is up her sleeve? I’m dying to know. Do share with us all, Teresa. It’s been open season on me for a while. You might as well bring it out. I’ve been called everything under the sun. What else you got? I can’t wait to hear directly from you, not others.

Obviously, I’ve had to toughen up for a reason. I thought staying at the castle and more talking would only make things worse. It would take a miracle to change my mind, and turn things around. Maybe that miracle is Dr. V.  She was very pretty and didn’t look like a saint, but God worked in mysterious ways.”

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5 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Explains Why Joe Gorga Charged Joe Giudice, Slams Teresa For Threatening Her!”

  1. I’m sorry that I took the time to read her trash. She’s jealous of Theresa. And Joe Gorga is no bargain.

    As my Irish mother used to say as God made them He matched them.

    I do believe that Melissa is in love however, with her self and Joe’s money. He is just an insecure man

  2. I feel so sorry for Melissa. She really has tried repeatedly to be accepted by Teresa for the sake of Joe. Teresa has a sick possessiveness over her brother, and her jealousy over Melissa is not going to change. It was gag-worthy watching the two missing links in the bathtub.

  3. What I got from this episode is that Joey wants a relationship with his sister, desperately. Melissa doesn’t want anything to do with Teresa or her children to have anything to do with Teresa. Joey and Melissa are liars. In the hospital episodes all they talked about were what a great relationship they have with Joey’s parents and that they come over for dinner all of the time. They even went as far as to say that Melissa asked her MIL if she had a problem with Melissa and the MIL said no. Then in this episode all they talk about is how Joey doesn’t speak to his parents and it is all Joe Gudices fault. I’m confused. If Teresa needs to take responsibility for her actions towards Joey and Melissa, then why doesn’t Joey need to take responsibility for his actions towards his parents? How can a Son in Law get in the middle of a father and son; he can’t. (Teresa, Joe, Melissa, and Joey are all at fault for this family drama)

  4. When I look at Theresa I see an emotional not very intelligent woman who is desperate to have a relationship with her brother. When I look at you I see a delusional opportunist who will do anything for class c fame. How can you look at that fight and think Guidice started it? He was protecting his wife who had been verbally assaulted by her brother AGAIN. All I hear from Gorgas and your little pet Richie are venemous things while it’s obvious Theresa is trying. I think you’re setting this crap up via Kim D. Teresa’s just not smart enough to do it herself. Grow up and see reality, you’re the psycho bitch here! Your marriage is pathetic. Who in thier right mind would want to be a wife like you? You destroyed his relationship with his family all so you could be a big fish in a very small infamous pond…You and your ex stripper husband are disgusting!

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