Melissa Gorga Explains The Pills She Taking In Arizona


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her birthday weekend in Arizona. Melissa explains she was very sick and reveals that she had been in the hospital, which is why she had so many “horse pills.”

Melissa writes, “My throat closed up. I couldn’t breathe. It was agony, like no pain I’ve felt in my life. Joe took me to the emergency room in Arizona and I wound up spending the night there on morphine. When you see me the next morning I had just gotten back from the hospital, that’s why I had the hospital bracelet on my wrist and I was just taking my first round of medicine. I thought it was strep, but it turned out to be a virus. The horse pills knocked it out in a few days and I started to feel better.

Tina the energy reader. I wasn’t so into it. I’ve always been skeptical of mediums. I don’t believe you’re supposed to know about spirits or the future. If I need guidance or feel uncertain about my next step, I pray. That’s what works for me. No judgment about what works for others. A positive experience is a positive experience. Kathy and Rich got a lot out of what Tina had to say. Her words helped them open blocked doors. It was very moving. Not a dry eye in the room. If a medium can give people comfort, help them move forward and put aside past hurts, great.”

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5 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Explains The Pills She Taking In Arizona”

  1. Why does Bravo edit out important things like a trip to the ER. What we saw looked like a whiny Melissa begging for attention when she was actually very sick. I have about had it with Bravo.

  2. Yeah…I saw the hospital/clinic wrist band while watching RHONJ and was going to tweet about it…but then I decided it wasn’t important enough to move from the couch and reach for my cell phone! 😀

    1. Apparently, Melissa thought it was important enough for all of us to know and that’s why she left it on her wrist for filming! Not surprised.

    1. I know right , Please my husband had Strep throat an I’ll tell ya it is really pain full cuz as well as he got it I to got from him so I went to the Hospital in the ER and I was there for hours but they never ever gave me Morphine or my husband we both got 800 Motrin to go home with as well some Antibiotics, Melissa is just a Big ass Drama Queen as always .

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