Melissa Gorga Explains Why Her Husband Joe Loves to be Naked On Camera


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and that means so is Joe Gorga and his love for being naked in front of the cameras. Melissa is explaining why her husband likes to let it all hang out on national television.

Melissa explained it all during the RHONJ premiere after show following The People’s Couch’s Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard’s compliment of the size of Joe’s… you know…

“Don’t say that in front of him because he’s obviously so proud, and that’s why he just, like, lets it all hang out,” Melissa said.

Joe’s sister Teresa also said, “He likes to show off. Obviously, you can tell,” she said, adding that her daughter Milania Giudice also likes to play it up in front of the camera.

This was made even more clear by an Instagram post made by Joe.

But Joe Gorga’s shower scene was also trending on Twitter during the episode.

Photo Credit: Bravo