Melissa Gorga Dishes On The Florida Trip And Joe’s Babysitting


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the drama that happened during the trip to Florida on RHONJ this week. Melissa says when she is tipsy she is her spirit animal and talks about Joe’s babysitting.

Melissa writes, “Such a great time on WWHL with Andy last night. Joe and I always have a blast and love being there. The Bravo family is such a great family to be a part of and the WWHL Clubhouse feels like we are just hanging out in our living room. I wanted to just take a second to say thank you to the people who always support me, Joe, and our family. We appreciate you and we feel the love. We haven’t let this whole “Reality TV” thing take over our lives and we never will. I see your emails, your tweets, and your letters and I have so much gratitude for all of you. We give you our good and our bad and I know you appreciate it. We love you back. Xoxo!

I thought seeing the girls’ trip was so much fun! That’s what I love watching! Girls uncensored with a little wine! Come on, we are all a little nosey or Reality TV would not be here, so to be able to hear the little secrets we talk about when the men and children aren’t around was hilarious too me. And yes Dina, I work out hard after having three babies and my reward is feeling comfortable in my bathing suit. And girl, I still don’t understand that peeing thing! OMG! Do I live under a rock?! Everyone seems to know but me!

I loved cooking for everyone. Nicole and I each picked a couple dishes to make and Teresa and Dina helped out, but were more than happy to let us take the reins. You can see when I cook I get in the zone. I was quiet and enjoying my glass of wine while making a nice meal. What’s better than that? I think by now everyone knows that “tipsy” Melissa is one of the best versions of me, LOL! I’m a happy drunk! It’s hard to piss me off when I’ve had a couple! I love life, I love people, and I love enjoying good times together with girlfriends! Especially in a beautiful house in Boca! “Tipsy Melissa” is my spirit animal. So eat, drink, and be merry!

Joe “baby sitting” was so funny. I always wondered what goes on when I’m not home. Now I know! Joe is such an amazing father; the way my children look at him makes me smile. He’s the fun Dad. I keep everyone in check and he comes home and it’s, “Daddyyy!” Sometimes that drives me nuts, because I do a lot of the disciplining and he gets all the glory, but I get it. He provides an incredible life for them and they respect him for that so much. I’m lucky that I found a guy that’s an amazing husband and a great father too. Blessed. The bond between Antonia and Joe is special, I loved hearing their little talk. The first day she was born he said he was going to put bars on the windows! She is truly his princess — she has him wrapped around her little finger. It’s so cute. I’m proud of the little girl she is growing into. She’s sweet, smart, loving, and happy. But I agree with Joe — I also want to break the internet!

It was also good to see Jacqueline and Kathy catching up. I love to watch Nicholas with Jammin’ Jenn. To see his progress is truly touching. Jacqueline is so devoted to making sure Nicholas gets access to the best resources. And we got a glimpse of Kathy’s new home! I know that she has been looking to build her dream kitchen for some time. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful. Congrats, Kathy!

Onto that terrible rumor. At this point of the episode I still have no idea what anyone is talking about. I get that the twins have two different perspectives on wanting to hear what the rumor is. I would want to know, but everyone has the right to deal with things in their own way. Tune in next week to see how they do find out.”

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5 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Dishes On The Florida Trip And Joe’s Babysitting”

  1. Parenting is not babysitting!!!! These archaic troglodytes have no business raising girls. Watching Joe Gorga attempt to intimidate his daughter was appalling. He’s not babysitting when he is at home minding his own kids, how can someone so stupid get paid to speak on TV? His wife is an even bigger idiot and she’s not fooling anyone with the feigned sexual innocence, she and Joey have swinger written all over them and she’s way to into grabbing the other women’s body parts to act like a porn novice.

  2. People need to lighten up about the babysitting comment. I have4 kids and o know what you and Joe meant. Plus so what is Melissa got a little tipsy in Florida and acted silly? Is that a crime? Isn’t that the point of a girls weekend?

  3. Ugg, this famewhore will do anything for attention—note to messy, no-one cares about you and the dwarf. You’re behaviour looked desperate and dwarf does not have a clue about his children? So much for that great perfect life you have……BTW, were you scared being in Florida since they had a felony arrest for you due to you’re previous SHOPLIFTING arrest?

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