Melissa Gorga Didn’t Like The Horse Whisperer, Says It Felt Contrived


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the cast trip to Miraval and the horse whisperer, Wyatt. Melissa says she was turned off by the idea of someone sizing her up within a few minutes of meeting her. She says it felt too contrived and her guards were still up due to the situation with Teresa.

Melissa writes, “This was a strange one for me.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, when I was told we were going to a spa resort in Arizona to celebrate my birthday, this is not exactly what I pictured. I don’t even think Joe quite understood what Miraval was.  Getting sick on top of it just made things worse.

The activity with the horse was the first one where I felt well enough to venture out.  As I said that morning, I honestly did not want to do therapy and healing. Not that I didn’t want to heal our family, I just wanted to relax and for everyone to have a good time and enjoy our vacation. We had just done therapy at Lake George. We needed a break.

The horse therapy seemed to work for some and not for others. I was more than turned off by the “horse whisperer” sizing me up within a few seconds of meeting me. It seemed a little too contrived, but he seemed to break through to other people. Rosie, as always, hit me in the soft spot. Just love her to death. I didn’t know Albert had had such a rough childhood. I was happy to see him open up. He is truly a great man. Kathy and Rich seemed to have a breakthrough. I think everyone’s collective jaw dropped when Joe Giudice admitted to being afraid about his legal matters. Of course, Joe and I wish the best for the Giudices and their beautiful girls. Joe’s humbling moment really moved us. He really seemed to get a lot out of the stable-side therapy experience.

I just wasn’t willing to go there. Part of it was skepticism about the entire idea of a horse being a Human Whisperer. Part of it was still not feeling great physically. But mainly, I couldn’t let down my guard. It would’ve taken a team of horses to kick down the wall I had up. Same thing with Joe and Teresa, apparently. Teresa and I were having fun together on the trip, but we weren’t at the point yet where we had enough trust to really open up. Some things can’t be willed. They have to come naturally. Pony steps…”

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  1. Why is this poser elluding that Teresa didn’t engage-Teresa and Juicy both lifted the horses leg, but it was edited out. Teresa addressed this with Andy on twitter.
    This is yet, another glaring example of Looker’s constant lying and attack of Teresa. People, whether fan or not of Teresa, are so sick of this pretend world Lookers lives in. Once her true, un-autotuned song made it on the internet last week – you would think she would bring it down a notch on the lying — but this ho is just too simple.

  2. After listening to what Wyatt said about Melissa I may have changed my mind about the Teresa/Melissa feud. I was always thinking Teresa was the culprit. Now I am not so sure.

  3. My comment is not directed at Melissa alone I think it will fit all the NJ cast. Melissa said she thought that Wyatt Webb was contrived. “WHAT”? Contrived are you kidding. The man obviously has a gift one that can see into the eyes and soul of people who are hurting. They all thought is was a joke and there was a huge lesson to learn here and other than Caroline/AL & Kathy/Rich and maybe Rosie the others never got a clue as to how enlightening that entire exercise was. To be able to look inside your soul and be able to bring all the demons to the surface and face them head on with someone who is there for one reason to help willing participants start to face the truth and not be afraid. I don’t care whether Melissa said she wasn’t ready to open up with her situation between her a Teresa that would have been the perfect time with someone who fully understands to stand beside you and support your feelings. As far as Juicy Joe he is looking for sympathy now because he has no more outs. He is facing a trial on October 9 and he may be going to jail. He did it he has to own up to it and move forward. he will get no sympathy from me. After the first trial he has to face his second problem the 39 counts of fraud, money laundering not paying taxes etc etc. I will never believe that he did not know what was going on he was trying to defraud the federal government and everyone should be angry its our tax dollars that went to pay for their tacky house and all the stupid headbands her kids have on her head.
    Back to Arizona that was a great opportunity for those people to help them through all this mess that they are in. it is too bad that these people are so ignorant (this is not necessarily a bad word it just means they have no understanding) No therapy, no insight, no open minds they live in this world of Im Italian and this is how we are. I live in an Italian family 11 children, 37 grandchildren and all italians don’t live like they do in Jersey. We are adults with issues and we work hard to fix these issues so life does not have to carry such baggage. I wish Melissa would have opened up more she might have found out that it took away some of the demons inside.

    1. @Melodie you said almost all that needed to be said. But I think the thing is Melissa, was so upset b/c Wyatt did not come on to her she thanks all men want her, and that she is God’s gift to all men and some women,, just saying… @Ann does she even know who He is?

  4. Very disappointed in Melissa. For the first time, for me, I saw a side of Melissa that was selfish and rude. Maybe she was angry from the start that this was her birthday gift and the focus was not entirely on her. Has this been something Teresa has been trying to get across to us for a long time? I would have soaked up everything I could at a place like that. We all need relaxation and healing at times.

  5. I am afraid I agree with Sandy. I’m not saying Teresa is innocent of stuff in the past with the other wives but I’m rethinking Melissa is not all that innocent of things that have happened this season and last.

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