Melissa Gorga “Damaged” From Family Drama On RHONJ


Now that season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has wrapped, some fans on Twitter were discussing how they feel about Melissa Gorga. One fan wrote that they, “can’t stand” Melissa and a second person agreed that Melissa “seems like she’s sneaky.” Melissa was tagged in the thread on Twitter and jumped in to defend herself. “Not sneaky just damaged from everything. I’m over it now,” Melissa responded to the comments, but that tweet has since been deleted.

Do you think Melissa has a right to be damaged from the family drama that has happened on RHONJ?

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  • Jody

    I feel Melissa was maligned by Teresa and her cohorts. It’s very obvious that they were jealous of Melissa’s beauty and wonderful family. She held her own thru it all. Teresa and her husband are trash, an embarrassment to Italian-Americans.

    • Paisley

      Really Jody?!?! Melissa & her crew started all of this!

    • misti

      I agree 100 % Jealous much /

  • Melissa and Joe Gorga have so much hate towards Teresa they initially approached Danielle Staubs with thei hate talk and asked her to bring them on show to trash Teresa. She refused but passed on their names to BravoTV producers and they brought them on show. There is no hope for them the hate runs really deep.

  • Pinky

    I find Melissa to be a shady snake who lives to blame others, especiallly Teresa. She has no talent and any “damage” she feels is of her own doing. It is her past friends that relentlessly talk about all of her lies and numerous public records and pictures of her slime behavior. Yes, her damage can be blamed on nobody but herself. She tried getting on this show, not Teresa, and was rejected every year until she promised to take Teresa down. Don’t be so deserate to be on a reality show if you can’t take all that comes with it. The most evil would be her drive to hurt a family and rat out her inlaws to ensure they were in the federal mess they are in. Nothing is more gross. How appropriate that she was trying to sign her lame book at a “gas station” this weekend. That pretty much sums up her zero class and lack of popularity. Just waiting for her and her sissy husband to face their federal problems. And you can bet they played with their bookkeeping, and then some.

  • Anonymous

    Jody – Well said!

  • Cecelia crandall

    Bs mellisa signed on for this crap and wanted tje attention. !!!! Now crying victim! !! Then get off the f…. show then. No one cares. Sick of the antics of her and joe gorga.

  • bikermomrt

    Oh please Melissa is such a fame whore. She threw her father under the buys too. The only song she sings without autotune is victim. Maybe she is damaged by her wife raping, Napoleon complex, zoolander posing, no job having, steroid using, closet gay husband of hers

  • DebBrenn

    I agree. Teresa’s every comment about or to Melissa has been catty. Now that they are televised Teresa has actually tried to destroy Melissa and her marriage any way she could. You just have to know that Melissa would have written Teresa off in a second, but since she doesn’t want Joe hurt she has been stuck with this toxic woman in her life. We all have fight or flight instincts in situations like that, and to have to ignore them and just swallow it all has to take a toll on her.

    • mom from the shore

      melissa swallows alright lol

      • DebBrenn

        Classy comment, “mom from the shore.” No doubt with that sophisticated humor you’re either a close friend of Teresa’s or you’re an 11 year old boy.

  • Kelton Bynes

    UGHHHH Melissa was the one who came into Teresa’s success on RHONJ and brought this family drama. Blame Melissa, not Teresa, FOR GODS SAKE

  • DebBrenn

    It’s interesting to me that all of you putting Melissa down are full of examples that have been proven to be untrue! She did NOT get the investigation started against the Giudices, she did NOT promise to bring Teresa down, and she did NOT initiate the conversation with Danielle Staub. I guess truth doesn’t matter when you just hate someone enough.

  • lucille

    only ones that were damaged is the fans,when melissa,kathy,teeth and poison came on show

  • Anonymous

    Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to prison becasue they committed criminal acts. Not becasue Melissa ratted them out.

  • ibeme

    I am thinking that the “story” goes something like this:
    Melissa met Joe and decided that, based on the presumed “wealth” that she saw, he could take care of her and get her all of the things she wanted. The Melissa met Joe’s parents and realized that they were not the putty in her hands that Joe was and that Teresa would not be that putty either. It must have been clear to her that Teresa and Joe’s parents had a good relationship with Teresa and her husband so Melissa had to decision to make. She could either try to become more of what they wanted in a daughter or she could rip to shreds that daughter that her parents currently treasure. She chose the low road because it was easier and it allowed her to put her husband in a bad position of having to choose Melissa over his parents, Melissa over his sister, Melissa over the rumors, ex-boyfriends, former bridesmaid, etc. etc. Joe was having to constantly prove to the world that Melissa is “special” when, in fact, she isn’t.
    She never had to look at her own passively aggressive narcissistic behavior because she made sure that she deflected attention away from her own negative behavior by magnifying Teresa’s bad behavior. Melissa would swing first (quietly and with a smirk on her face) and Teresa would swing back even harder and actually hit her. Teresa is not nearly as sneaky as Melissa so when she swung at her and smacked her — metaphorically speaking — Melissa would scream, cry, show the world her bruises so that people would think that Teresa hit her unprovoked.
    I think that Melissa is intellectually smarter than Teresa (although I think that T has far more business sense and works a lot harder) but I think that Teresa is more spiritually honest than Melissa could ever be and Melissa knows this and I think that that really bothers her. Melissa knows that Teresa is simply a nicer, warmer person.
    And yes, nice people can do bad things — hence then 39 counts. But honestly, I’d much rather hand out with people who commit monetary crimes than those that commit emotional crimes of the heart and spirit.

    • DebBrenn

      Ibeme, I think you’re right on one count: Melissa is smarter than Teresa, but then who isn’t? That said, what a pile of bunk the rest is. When you married did you think it was your duty to “become” the person your in-laws wanted? You are only supposed to be nice to them, and by all accounts she has done that. Melissa appears to be a loving wife, a good mom, and a kind friend. It’s not HER that has had problems with every other cast member, it’s Teresa.

      • mom from the shore

        after reading fame’s blog, melissa and poison are as low as they can be. ends up they know monica, since they were first married even did business with her.hope all of this is exposed at the trial, messy,kathy,richie and poison will have there names all over tv and papers with monica,

      • misti

        I am so sick of team Teresa and them not being able to see the truth Melissa is the victim of Teresa’s hate not the other way around.