Melissa Gorga Confronted About Meeting With Her Ex & Cheating On Joe


In this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa Gorga is confronted by her long time friend, Jan, who claims Melissa still sees her ex-boyfriend, Bryan Bowen. There have been rumors that Melissa cheated on her husband, Joe, with Bryan, and accusations that Melissa married Joe for his money. Jan confronts Melissa for talking bad about her because she had drinks with Teresa, Penny Drossos and Kim D, and Melissa is shocked when Jan reveals to the group that Melissa still sees her ex.

Jan says she was with Melissa the night she met Bryan and insists Melissa is lying and putting up a front, being someone she is not. Then, Melissa confronts Penny Drossos, who knows secrets from Melissa’s past and claims “people” were asking her to reveal what they knew about Melissa’s indiscretions.

Do you think Melissa cheated on Joe?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Confronted About Meeting With Her Ex & Cheating On Joe”

    1. Biddies is right! That girl is nasty. She needs to concentrate on her own evil self. How do people not see what hypocrites they are?

      Bravo should be ashamed. Obviously they’ve paid this loser to act that way and throw out accusations. But not as ashamed as she should be.

      You know, everyone has stuff. Not that I believe Melissa is secretly meeting with an ex. But we all have stuff that can be used. You can take anyone apart and make them look bad. I don’t care what they drag out or try to exploit, you can do that with anyone’s life. It’s a lot worse to be the kind of person that intentionally acts cruel, purposefully causes trouble, and joins petty armies like this following loser is doing.

      If Melissa did something TO that biddy, that’s one thing. But that’s not what’s going on. She’s a weak follower. She had no reason to turn on Melissa. Friends mess up, they do stupid things. Everyone has a past. You don’t turn on them, unless YOU have issues. She didn’t turn on her because of anything in her past or it would have been a problem in the past! But even if Melissa met with an ex, it’s none of her business anyway, and certainly not her place to play judge and jury.

      If there was no Teresa and no Bravo, they’d still be friends. THAT is what kind of person that classless biddy is. She showed her true colors, not Melissa’s.

  1. I said it once but will say it again. These women are vicious and say things to get their 5 minutes of camera time. Who is this broad??? She and the Kim G’s and the Kim D’s of this world need to fall off the edge of their tiny little worlds.

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