Melissa Gorga Cheating Scandal Hits Cover Of Life & Style!

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As we previously reported, Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Melissa Gorga’s past is coming back to haunt her. Her alleged ex-boyfriend, Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen surfaced, and now there are many rumors saying Melissa has cheated on Joe Gorga. Now, Melissa’s cheating scandal is front and center on the cover of Life & Style Magazine.

Bryan alleges that shortly after Melissa married Joe Gorga, she cheated on Joe with him. “Melissa and her family are furious,” an insider says. “Her sisters have been telling Bulldog to shut up, but he’s threatening to tweet damaging details. Bulldog claims to have a lot of dirt on Melissa, and some of it is already coming out — and the next season hasn’t even started airing yet,” the source adds.

Melissa reportedly has the reputation of being a big party-girl, along with her sisters, Kim and Lysa. “Melissa was a big party animal — she’s not as innocent as she claims to be,” a source tells the mag. “That’s why she works so hard to cover up her past. She went from being a very unconventional girl to this super-traditional woman that she isn’t.”

An associate of Bulldog is confirming the cheating allegations. “Melissa went out to dinner at Sushi Lounge, a local restaurant, and left early to go hook up with Bulldog,” alleges the insider, who says the encounter took place before Melissa’s feud with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice began. A friend of Melissa’s insists Teresa is NOT to blame for this, while other sources say Teresa and Kim D are orchestrating the whole thing. Our insiders tell us exclusively that Teresa and Kim are going to be portrayed as the villains when this story line plays out on Season 5 of RHONJ. “She’s [Teresa] not behind this, but that doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying it,” Melissa’s friend adds.

Another insider dishes more dirt to the magazine on the explosive night that was filmed at Bellissimo’s restaurant. As we exclusively reported, Teresa Giudice, Kim DePaola, Jennifer Dalton, and Penny Drossos attended the night out and the topic of conversation quickly turned to Melissa and the rumors of her infidelity. “They were all talking about how she had an extramarital affair,” says the source. “Melissa is freaking out.”

Melissa insists these accusations are “all talk with absolutely no proof to back it up.” Those close to Melissa insist the rumors are just that — rumors — and firmly deny she ever had an affair. “Melissa and Bulldog dated on-and-off for years. Then she met Joe and started her family, and that’s all in the past,” another insider insists.

The source tells Life & Style this isn’t the first time Joe Gorga has been worried about Melissa’s infidelities. The insider says that before Melissa and Joe were married he had suspicions she was stepping out on him and even threw her out of his house. “Joe thought Melissa was creeping,” the source reveals. “He really wanted to settle down.”

Melissa is sure this cheating scandal won’t affect her marriage, saying, “This is only making Joe and me stronger. I can’t even begin to keep track of all the lies. Everyone is coming for their 15 minutes of fame.”




Melissa also took to Twitter to mock the magazine cover and rumors, writing, “I’ve been so busy partying, cheating, stripping, and borrowing money I’m exhausted! What’s next? I robbed a bank? #AllLies.”

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What do YOU believe?

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11 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Cheating Scandal Hits Cover Of Life & Style!”

  1. Didn’t Melissa have a problem with Teresa doing Mag saying her kids are going to see it. Well Melissa your kids are going to see this.

  2. Melissa and her little crew are such morons – things will surface with proof and she is ignoring the FACT that this kills any chance of her book about her faux marriage being credible or selling more than 29 copies to her sisters! If she were truely innocent – she would have lawyers all over these “false rumors.” But wait – not only does 99% of the viewers believe she is a ho – she doesn’t have any MONEY to hire a lawyer! Bawhahaha – Karma – love it.

  3. Please whoever reads that trash and believes it, just shows their mentality! These people need to get a life that guy is sooo nasty I wouldn’t pass on joe for that beast

  4. So she was a party girl before she got married? Oh my gosh, that has never happened before in the history of the universe! She has a past, so does everyone else.

  5. I find it such a joke that people are saying Tre is behind all this! MeHo’s friend is right. Tre has nothing to do with this. Whatever! I hope she is enjoying it partly but she is probably not knowing this hurts her parents.

    Those who think Bulldog is part of this are soo wrong. He had nothing to do with any of Bravos plans to script this next season. Bravo has been using Kim D. and Penny to get dirt on MeHo but this is coincidence Bulldog turned up right around the same time. Fame whorgas has all the truth on all this stuff on their site. Bulldog has even thanked them for putting out the truth and denied all this crap on his Tweetter.

    MeHo may not be accused of robbing a bank but she was of shop lifting. Andshe certainly is playing all the banks with all her refinancings and money moving around on her house. Foreclosure comig up thats why the JoeGo and MeHo are movig to a better zipcode. What a joke!!!!! Karma’s a biatch!!!!

  6. BLAH!! Some days I am thinking that this is everyone doing Season 5 of RHONJ creating drama so that the show will go on and not be canceled.

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