Melissa Gorga Caught Joe Sexting Other Woman?


According to a new report from the National Enquirer, Melissa Gorga caught her husband Joe sending racy text messages to several other women and now the couple is seriously feuding. After dealing with the rumors that Melissa cheated with her ex, the report claims she was able to turn the table when she searched through Joe’s phone and found racy photos he sent to multiple women.

“After one particularly nasty spat, Melissa decided to flip the tables and secretly check the text messages on Joe’s cell phone,” a source tells the Enquirer, adding, “She didn’t expect to find much. Instead, she came across a string of texts from not one, but several different women!” When Joe got home, Melissa exploded, the source says, “She dangled the phone inches from Joe’s face while he tried to grab it. Finally, Melissa hurled the phone and it smashed against a wall.”

We always take stories from the Enquirer with a grain of a salt, but what do you think? Do you believe the report?

Photo Credit: Bravo