Melissa Gorga Calls The Rino Rumor Disgusting And Untrue


Joe and Melissa Gorga appeared on WWHL after Sunday night’s episode of RHONJ and Melissa spoke out about the Rino rumor.

A caller asked Gorga if she believed the rumor about Rino.

“No. I 100% do not believe it, and if you’ve ever met her she’s the sweetest, nicest lady,” Melissa says. “And the family has such a tight bond… They are such a great family, they love each other. There’s no tension, obviously I think there would be some tension [if it were true]. It’s a disgusting, ridiculous rumor and it’s 100% untrue.”

Joe Gorga also explained why he said he was “babysitting” his children instead of watching them.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Calls The Rino Rumor Disgusting And Untrue”

    1. Uh, no, not at all. It must be just you. Melissa is an empty, selfish, overly plasticized famewhore who has no storyline, purpose or talent.

  1. Melissa is likable! And Joe is just as likable as ever. But did anyone else notice that Andy seemed a little less enamored of them this time on WWHL. He just didn’t seem as charmed by them, like the shine of the new toy has worn off or something. Hmmmm? Andy can be so fickle though.

    1. I was thinking too that Andy didn’t seem so gaga over Melissa and Joe as he usually is, but I thought it was just me because I don’t like them at all. I dislike their fake perfect life storyline. I think Joe is going to get caught doing wrong paperwork too before the series ends. I just dislike them both.

  2. Melissa looked GORGEOUS and young last night. Very Very pretty and she and Joe were both so fun on WWHL. I’ve always liked Joe but have been ify about Melissa because she seemed so fake the last few seasons. I really liked her last night. It seems like she can actually relax now that she’s on a season where people aren’t after her. Amber tried but failed miserably! LOL

  3. I thought Melissa’s reasoning was very sound, that the twins’ family is so comfortable together that there is no way there could have been an affair with Santa because there would be tension even still. I think that makes sense. Your mother and husband sleeping together, I don’t think that is anything anyone could ever let go.

  4. She’s likeable to me, but then always was. I had to laugh when she stood up for Santa. It takes some guts to side with the woman that’s NOT a mob wife.

  5. Can not stand these two! They are as fake as they come. Enough already just say you got a nose job! What a joke. She did something to that long ass chin she had as well!

  6. Uggg, cannot stomach these two grifter (wannabees)—-messy and the dwarf should of been afraid for her to go to florida (since she once had a felony shoplifting case) there…. these 2 lie like other’s breathe, everything they say is a lie for fame & $$$$, they have no shame or talent…

  7. Did anyone notice how messy mentioned how “mean” jim was on twitter? Did she forget how horrible her sisters were to Teresa G. on twitter? After riding on Tre’s coat-tails these 2 losers (messy and dwarf) need to go away, they do not carry the show, they are not interesting, and they do not have the presence to even be noticed without fighting or prancing around half naked—note to the gorga’s (no-one cares about you losers)—-I would literally pay them to leave the show and stop talking……Uggg, bravo, please make this stop.

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