Melissa Gorga Admits She Wanted Book Controversy


Melissa Gorga is still addressing the controversy surrounding her book, Love Italian Style, and she recently sat down with VH1’s The Buzz to discuss the book and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Gorga admits to VH1 that she wanted “controversy” to get people talking about her book. Melissa even compared herself and her situation to Miley Cyrus, saying,  “She wanted controversy, her plan worked!”

“The book is about putting your marriage first. I think it’s about loyalty, it’s about honesty. It’s about respect,” Melissa says. Melissa also says viewers of RHONJ can instantly tell that her and Joe Gorga “back each other up.”

Melissa also revealed that she was wearing the “peace panties” Teresa Giudice gave her for her birthday. “It was a little strange,” Melissa said of her sister-in-law’s gift. “But it was a nice gesture.”

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: VH1



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  • Aunt Bee

    Yeah Melissa you wanted controversy all right, and the headlines, and the spotlight, and the air time. You disgust me.

  • jersey shore mom

    does melissa really think we believe her? also who cares if you wore panties teresa gave you

  • Buck Henry

    She has to say that because she can’t explain away that it’s normal for Umpa Lumpa and her to be that way. So she explains it away as her LYING in the book. And it’s supposed to be a book that is “true”.

  • Elle

    And that’s why I don’t like her. True Teresa has made mistakes, Joe Gorga has made mistakes, and when they try to fix it, Melissa pumps him back up. MELISSA is scum. I’m with Teresa and Joe Gorga. They both need to recover just the two of them. Melissa needs to sit down and shut up. Newsflash: we don’t like seeing families fight. Someone needs to write you a new script, boo! ♥

  • Aunt Bee

    I’m with you Elle.

  • Read all about it!!

    Melissa WHORE-GA is gross. She promotes rape. I cant wait till her daughter (Antonia) reads her mother’s book and truly finds out what her mothers all about, I feel bad for that poor little girl. Check out the article here. (If you haven’t already seen it) Link below. MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD~ #Yuck