Melissa Gorga Admits To Having Nose Job


For years, Melissa Gorga has denied getting a nose job. She’s always said her makeup artist was excellent at contouring, but on this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, she finally addressed the rumors.

Jacqueline Laurita accused Gorga of having four nose jobs, and now Melissa is speaking out about those accusations. “Let’s be honest, it’s the worst-kept secret that I’ve had a nose job, but it’s my secret to tell, not hers,” Melissa told the Daily Dish.


So why did she keep it a secret? “It’s a personal thing,” says Melissa. “It’s not hurting anyone. It’s your own business. Some people like to say, ‘Hey, I injected this, tummy tucked this,’ and that’s fine, too. It’s something that’s personal to me. It’s one of the very few things that is personal in my life at this point.”

“I have children, and there are certain things I don’t feel like I need to blurt all over the world. That’s private, it has to do with me, myself and I. That was one of the things I wanted to keep to myself. Unfortunately, I had a crappy friend who has told the world for me.”


However, Jacqueline defended her comments, telling the site, “She never told me she had her nose done. It wasn’t like I spilled a secret or broke girl code, because she never admitted it to me. To me, it was just blatantly obvious, and I knew.”

Laurita said it was Melissa’s constant lying that got to her and she had to say something. “I have a lot of friends that never admit to [having work done], and I respect that, but when someone asks them if they’ve done something they say, ‘I don’t answer that question.’ The reason that it came out of me in the moment with Melissa was because when she was lying in my face. I looked at her and I had the flashback of every time Andy would ask her, ‘Have you had your nose done?’ and she kept a straight face and was blatantly lying. Instead of just saying, ‘I don’t talk about those things, think what you want,’ she was like, ‘No, it is contour.’ Like, that ain’t contour, honey.”

As for the accusation that Melissa has had four nose jobs? Melissa says, “There was definitely not four nose jobs. Four nose jobs? I would look pretty deranged, I would think. That is insane to say four, and I don’t like that the seed was even planted, because I think that’s wrong. You never know what’s going to happen in life. That’s why they say ‘friends come and go, but family is forever.’ And that is so true.”

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15 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Admits To Having Nose Job”

        1. Good morning Barbara are you new here or have I missed your posts? If you are welcome, it’s a lovely site most of us are really friendly if not sorry! Xoxox

  1. Who cares? It’s her nose and if she wants to have 10 nose jobs its none of anybody business. Jacqueline just said it to get some attention and make trouble.

  2. Ummm, that’s not a secret…and even with the new nose, it’s also clear that her make-up artist contours it to within an inch of it’s life. After 3 or 4 years of being on television with the thousand of press photos available, everyone already knew this. Why does Jac even care? this woman is coming unraveled: she needs to focus on getting her own life together.

    1. My thoughts exactly Bon Vivant. Anyone with two eyes could see the season that she sported the nose job. I’m not a fan of Melissa, but I don’t think it is that big of a deal that she felt self conscious about admitting to it either. Making fun of a housewife for plastic surgery, coming from another housewife with plastic surgery, is nothing more than laughable. Jac’s needs to give those lips of hers a rest as well.

      1. Did you hear when someone mentioned they even have the same doctor, lol? Poor Jac, that thing is really unstable, she seems to be grasping at straws to give weight to her outbursts. If having plastic surgery & not announcing on a float with a ticker tape parade is a crime in Jac’s eyes, then every housewife on EVERY franchise is in biiiiig trouble now, lol.

  3. Oh Melissa don’t insult our intelligence. We’ve known all along you’ve been “under construction” for a while. Jax is so full of Botox and fillers she looks like a balloon about to pop.

    I don’t believe Mel & Joe are genuine with Teresa after all the horrible things they have said behind her back and done to her. Remember that time in the bus going to the Berserkshires or somewhere like that, Melissa was talking smack about the Guidice marriage in much the same way that Bucky Wakile did? When he spoke that way, Mel said it was a dick move. What was it then when SHE did it?

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