Melissa Gorga Admits Her And Joe Argue


Melissa Gorga is making the rounds in the press promoting her book Love Italian Style, which is officially on shelves now, and dishing secrets about her marriage to Joe. Melissa stopped by The Today Show on September 18th, and she opened up about some of her marriage secrets, including the fact that she’s never gone #2 in front of her husband before! “It’s important to save a little mystery,” she said laughing. “I try to do things that make him want to come home at night. It doesn’t happen every night, but I try. I put the tight yoga pants on as opposed to the baggy sweatpant. I know what he wants to see.”

While she knows how to keep Joe happy after nine years, she admits nothing is perfect. “I think there’s a misconception that Joe and I never argue, but we do,” she revealed. “We argue a lot. I was a very independent girl when I met Joe, and he was an Italian guy, he wants you to be home at a certain time.”

Photo Credit: Instagram