Melissa DIDN’T Babysit The Night Of Teresa’s Fabellini Launch Party!

Bravo’s editing is playing a major factor in some RHONJ controversy again! Melissa Gorga didn’t take Antonia, Gabriella, and Milania for a girls day on the night of Teresa’s Fabellini launch party (October 7th, 2011). The scene at Sweet & Sassy was taped on July 11th, 2011. So in Melissa’s voice over, there were lies. Whether it was on her part, or Bravo’s production team setting up plots for the show. Here is a REAL timeline of the events that we’ve seen on the show courtesy of FameWhorgas:

  • Melissa takes the girls to Sweet & Sassy 7/11/11
  • Caroline’s 50th Birthday 8/23/11
  • Cast leaves for Cali trip 8/27/11
  • Caroline’s B-Day Dinner in Vineyard 9/1/11
  • Big blow-up between Caroline & Teresa 9/2/11 or 9/3/11
  • Posche Fashion Show 9/27/11
  • Season 3 Reunion Taping 9/28/11
  • Teresa’s Fabellini Launch Party 10/7/11

So as you can see, Bravo’s editing is skewing our perception of what is really going on in the live’s of the ladies.

What do you think about the misperception of some of these events?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Gg

    You can tell that it was a lie just watching the show. She takes those
    girls early in the day, and leaves the baby behind. Were we suppose to think Teresa was taking the baby with her to the party?? If they edit, who cares. But then stop calling it “reality tv”. Such bull. Not sure why I still watch.

  • silverchakra

    I noticed the same thing about the baby, Gg! I don’t know why I still watch either. I stopped for the 2nd season and I think I will for 5 too.

  • brittany

    You don’t want to watch but you have to.It’s addicting!!!!!!Love me some Milania.

  • Lori-Anne

    Messy-Mel is a Friggin Big Mess when it comes too Teresa’s Events because of her Jealousy and I’m so Over Melissa I really am she’s just a One Way Low Life that just don’t get it an never will when it comes about Teresa, The Botton Line is Messy can’t stop Hating on Teresa so she does the next THING she can DO an that’s to PUT SO MUCH HURT SHE CAN ON THE WHOLE TERESA’s FAMILY An to keep Teresa an her only brother apart it’s very sad I’m sure EVERYONE see this Happening an I do mean everybody, Mel it’s all going to come BACK too YOU you’ll see ……