Meghan King Edmonds, Wife Of MLB Jim Edmonds Joins Cast Of RHOC


After Heather Dubrow questioned whether or not she would return to season 10 of RHOC, a new report reveals the network persuaded Heather to stay by bringing on her friend Meghan King Edmonds, who is also neighbors with the Dubrows.

Meghan is married to former St. Louis Cardinals player Jim Edmonds. The couple was married in October 2014 and she is his third wife. RealityTea reports that Jim’s second wife Allison was signed on to join the show in season 7, but she backed out at the last minute because of her martial issues with Jim.

Meghan was reportedly a contender for the show last season, but was overshadowed by newcomer Shannon Beador.

Meghan and Jim split their time between Orange County and St. Louis, Missouri, where Jim owns a successful restaurant and has a Fox Sports Midwest broadcasting gig.

Meghan reportedly spends most of her time in Orange County while Jim is the one who travels back and forth. The site reveals Meghan has been filming with Heather and Tamra, but will introduce herself to the rest of the ladies when she throws a party for the group.


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17 Replies to “Meghan King Edmonds, Wife Of MLB Jim Edmonds Joins Cast Of RHOC”

  1. Hmmm, I wonder if Meghan and Heather will be in one camp while Shannon and ? Are in another? It will be interesting to see where the alliances line up next season.

  2. Oh wow… a third wife… that’s gonna last… another year or two… ugh… why do people just keep remarrying… why not live with a person for a few years before you marry again?!!

    1. From what I recall reading about Allison, the two of them were together something like 13yrs before they got married. Maybe he wanted to try a different tactic this time?

  3. I wish they would have chosen anyone else but Shannon. She’s the worst. Her bipolar roller coaster is more difficult to watch than Tamra’s lies. That’s really saying something.

  4. No. Alison and Jim had been separated for years. Alison had a long term boyfriend when Jim started seeing Megh

  5. I hope Vicky has gotten healthy and stops, stops really doing more and more stuff to her poor face. I kinda like Heather, but not her condescending husband, she is just annoying enough to be unique and to cause a little friction. A little friction and some INTERESTING conflict would be a nice change. Man, last year was just a bust. Who was the dark haired girl with the figure? Lizzie, that’s right. She was awful, just got in there and made a big deal out of every single thing she could to be important. Nothing like sitting back for awhile and seeing who people are and let them see you. Geez. And Shannon, um, well…

  6. I noticed in the winery episode where Heather introduced her creation, that Jim was moving his hand back from the waste of a blonde that was not his wife. I had to rewind a few times to be sure I was seeing that correctly. And yes I was. Will be interesting to see how long the 3rd marriage lasts. At some point you gotta realize it’s you.

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