Meghan King Edmonds Talks Experience On RHOC and Relationship With Shannon Beador


Newcomer Meghan King Edmonds is bringing it during this new season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. It being the show’s tenth season and her first, and there is a lot of drama going on with just the few episodes that have been aired. There’s been a bit of tension between her and fellow cast member Shannon Beador and we’ve seen in previews that she even goes at it with Vicki Gunvalson. While appearing on AfterBuzz this week with her husband Jim, Meghan talks about her experience with Housewives, her relationship with Shannon Beador, what viewers can expect this season and if she would ever return.

Meghan said her Real Housewives career began when she was asked to join the cast back in November. She was never testing or in talks with Bravo during the Dubrow’s hoedown where her and her husband had actually attended. Her run-in with David Beador (husband and of cast member Shannon) was all coincidental even though it turned out to be a “thing”.

“What really happened at the hoedown was, I was thirsty and needed a glass of wine and they happened to have the cameras there. That’s really all that happened.” She also added that she did not know Shannon at the time.

Another popular topic that always gets brought up by housewives is “bad editing”, but in Meghan’s case she has no issues with it. “I like it. I’m happy with what I’ve seen on the show. I mean what you see, that’s me. That’s what I really did.” Her husband Jim added, “They do a really good job of editing.” Meghan also continued that the crew even did a good job of calming down Shannon’s outburst in Napa. “They calmed it down. It was way more heightened.”

Meghan was also asked about Katie Hamilton who quit the show for personal reasons after the beginning of filming and she said, “I totally wish she would have stayed on. I love Katie. I talk to her pretty frequently. She’s hanging in there. She’s strong. She’s a tough cookie.”

She was then asked about cast member and ‘OG of the OC’ Vicki Gunvalson and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers. She did mention that it was “weird” that Brooks did not attend her mother’s funeral. “I was surprised. I was thinking, ‘Your serious girlfriend, that you live with, her mother died. This is the darkest moment in her life and you can’t be at the funeral?’ That just goes to show how, maybe her family really hates him that bad. You have to pick your poison there.”

Edmonds also claimed that there is an “air of suspicion” about Brooks’ cancer. “As the season goes on, you’ll see a to of questions that come up. A lot of pieces don’t fit into place. It’s not just me who’s questioning. You’ll see that I’m not the only one. When I say that I wonder if he’s being truthful about his diagnosis, I am NOT just pulling that out of my butt. Vicki and Brooks have said things that kind of are contradicting or they raise suspicion or questions.”

Meghan also talked about her relationship and tension with Shannon Beador. First she was asked about how she calls her “the thirty year old” constantly and Meghan said, “she needs to get over it.”

Over social media the two have had their exchanges over Twitter. “When you say we’ve both had nice tweets….I would say that  I’ve had some nice tweets to Shannon. Shannon’s not talking to me right now and I don’t know why. We went through a lot of ups and downs on the show. Right now we’re fine, on the show. We’re neutral. We’re  not close…but we’re fine. We were in a good place at the end of filming but not she’s not talking to me.

Despite the drama between the two, Meghan claims she actually really likes Shannon. “She’s funny. I like her kids. We love David and Shannon. They’ve been kind to us. And, so, it’ll be fine. I feel good about that.”

The Edmonds’ are also not regretting their decision about not inviting Shannon to their charity event. “I have no regrets. Why would I regret it? You’re in different points at different stages. I wasn’t friends with her and she just stormed out in Napa.”

Husband Jim included that he himself did not want Shannon invited saying, “It was our home. And it was our party. It wasn’t a show party. My family and friends were there and it was for charity and the last thing I wanted in my home in front of my friends and family as a drama show. That was my only role in the entire show.”

So what can viewers expect for the rest of the season? “You’re going to see us go to Tahiti. I get really close with Tamra and Heather. You’ll see a lot of us hanging out. Me, Heather, and Tamra do something really cool together the three of us that is going to change the course of the show.”

And would Meghan return for another season? “I totally would. And I’d be pissed if I was fired.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo