Meghan King Edmonds On Supporting Shannon Beador With Weight Gain

Shannon Beador has really opened up about her weight struggle on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. But have her friends been supportive? Meghan King Edmonds is revealing that she has been a selfish friend since giving birth to her daughter, Aspen.

“I haven’t been there for Shannon like I should have been. I feel like I’ve been so consumed with the baby that it’s really hard for me to check up with my friends like I feel like I should,” Meghan recently told PEOPLE.

“And yeah I check in with Shannon, but I haven’t been like, ‘How are you doing with your weight?’” she said. “Yeah, I kind of suck as a friend, I guess.”

Do you think Meghan has been a good friend?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Heather

    People with newborn babies get a bit of a pass. That is all consuming. Meghan has reached out. Shannon is fat not dying. Seriously how many phone calls does that require LOL.

  • starr

    This is one stupidly silly woman. Shannon is a big woman, she does not need coddling & spoon feeding, her baby is helpless & needs full time care & love. What nonsensical remarks.

  • Bon Vivant

    Am I the only one who believes Shannon is still cute with her weight gain? Lose it for health reasons, of course, but I think beyond that she looks good with a little curve on the hips!

  • Starr

    Oh give me a break! Grow up Meghan. Your baby–NOT SHANNON”S Weight–should be your #1 priority & stop complaining that everything is ‘Baby, baby, baby’. You nagged “Baby” all the time, & now, you are a disapointment as a mother. Why did you want a baby again?