Meghan King Edmonds Slams Vicki Gunvalson Over Lies

RHOC star Meghan King Edmonds has never been one to hold back about her feelings towards her co-star Vicki Gunvalson. In a new interview, Meghan says she would kick Vicki off the show if she could and has a lot to say about Gunvalson’s character.

“I don’t have a history with Vicki [Gunvalson],” Meghan clarified. “I just never liked her, from the beginning … she was nasty to me, but that’s her MO.”

“She has a history with Shannon [Beador] and Tamra [Judge], where they were good friends,” she added. “So, when you were good friends with somebody and you sever that, I think it’s really hard to go back to [that].”

“It’s kind of awkward,” she tells ET. “I don’t like having a bifurcated, like, clickiness. That’s not fun. Nobody likes that … I want, like, everybody to get along and sit together and have fun and party together.”

“‘You’re out!’” Meghan joked. “If only I could say that … ‘Vicki, you’re out. Bye! No more lies.’ See ya.”

Meghan confronted Vicki earlier in the season about the rumor she repeated about Eddie Judge’s sexuality and has strong words about Vicki’s character today.

“I don’t think necessarily that Vicki is homophobic, in the sense that she thinks gays are lesser than,” Meghan shared. “But I do think that her accusations are coming from a homophobic root. And it’s just, it’s petty, and she just needs to drop it. It’s just it’s not a good look and it’s disrespectful.”

Do you agree with Meghan?

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37 Replies to “Meghan King Edmonds Slams Vicki Gunvalson Over Lies”

  1. Meghan keeps saying she’s not a mean girl but she keeps acting like one! I don’t think many fans particularly like her.

    1. I love her. I like seeing her with the baby and how happy she is. Plus her calling Vicki out on her sh&& is an added bonus

      1. Meghan is the voice of reason and always honest (kind of like the Eileen of OC come to think of it!) and I like her very much. Although, I have to say, she has been less entertaining this season than prior seasons (probably because of becoming a mum).

        1. I think so too – she’s stayed pretty neutral other than towards the liar VG and even there she is nice to her and interacts. Vicki hated her onsite as usual then of course the cancer thing which was perfectly acceptable to me for Meghan to do. I despise the cancer lies but VG lies everytime she opens her mouth anyway

          1. She is a pathological liar. I hope Meghan gets her energy back next season so she can do more research on the girls… when she effectively uncovered Brooks’ cancer scam it was pretty epic! And you wouldn’t have necessarily expected it from her, which I think made it all the better!!

            1. I just cannot fathom how Bravo keeps her on the show. Now the other nite on Watch What Happens it was repeated that she claimed people don’t wake up from the operating table by Dr Dubrow

                1. Simple – she’s a jealous bitter old unhappy woman. I highly suspect that her “boyfriend” Steve is being paid for his role. Their chemistry is zero. He looks like he relates to her grandkids and has more fun with them then he does her. Can’t say that I blame him

  2. She is truthful…and Vicki is not a good friend if she is going around talking like that about her “best friends” husband.

  3. Well Yes!!!!! Look at my confusion this A.M
    Meghan is a child wannabe adult.
    My opinion of her is really low, so whatever she has to say is from a stupid one track mind.
    Just so the page is clear, Tamara was not loyal to Vicki either. It was an imbecilic tit for tat with both. Vicki did not sever the friendship, Shannon & Tamara hit deep & low & they did that by themselves with malicious intent to prove Vicki was a dirty liar, with Sherlock Meghan leading the pack.
    Enough with their bad behavior.
    As for Meghan, she can look happy as she has a full time cousin nanny & she does not miss a beat with partying & leaving her baby. She feels displaying & showing off her beautiful baby, a coochie coo, a few kisses, hand baby back to nanny makes her mother of the year.

    1. Vicky is in on a cancer scam and the other women have “bad behavior”? Vicky admitted she lied. I wish they’d play that clip over and over and over.

      1. Oh they have played it quite a few times. I have seen that season countless times plus the both seasons thereafter. Therefore, I was able to read between the lines.
        Vicki believed Brooks totally at the start of his cancer scam. Went with him to several appointments, he was firm in her remaining in the waiting room & not seeing first hand his bogus deceit. He lied through his teeth & she believed every lie as gospel truth.
        He lost a lot of weight during that period & was sick to his stomach with so called chemo. Only God has the answer as to what he was consuming to have that effect.
        She was scared, wanted to call Terry Dubrow, spoke to Brianna who dissuaded her. Did the women give her a chance to explain why she never called? She also witnessed 1st hand that the drinks were helping to restore him & therefore helped promote it.
        Did any of those women support her during that trying time? all they did was point fingers while investigating what was not their buisiness.
        They were relentless in their harassing.
        Finally, being her back was up against a wall, she was exhausted from dealing with Brooks, in pain still at the loss of her mother, full day at work, everyday, women beating her down non-stop at every corner. So yes, she lied for peace. She was exhausted from her eyes wide open at that point that Brooks, but too little too late & too ashamed to own up.
        All she needed was some tlc, a shoulder to lean on (a casserole) & she would’ve confided, but did she ever get that from not even her best friend Tamara or even Shannon that she had supported & was so loyal to? NOT FOR A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!
        I hope no one asks me anymore the “WHY” of how I think, for I have said it all here. PLUS, I’m not out to win any races with anyone. This is how I see it & I have lost so many to cancer too, one would think I would judge her, but I cant as there are many sides to this story & I view all sides & I think the women behaved worse than she did in how she was treated, they were evil.
        The End.

        1. I’m not a Vicki fan, but I agree with all or your points. I do want them to move on from the cancer story line. I’m sick of it. Why don’t they have their own story lines?

          1. bluebell, you hit the nail. Enough with the cancer story, that was 3 seasons ago. You are right, no story line, so lets continue to beat a dead horse. I’m equally sick of it too.

              1. Maybe not forgivable, but move the hell on already. Last season Tamra and Shannon both forgave her. It wasn’t until Ireland they got mad all over again. And it had nothing to do with cancer. If they can’t stand her because of it they should get off the show. This storyline has been beaten to death.

                1. She should have been fired back then. Her lies keep going on and on. And Um the Ireland trip hasn’t aired yet so no anger yet. Sorry never move on from a cancer lie, ever. It shows lack of morals of the worst kind.

              2. Very forgivable. Have you not lied & made mistakes? Would you want that held over your head for always? You are not a saint, neither is Vicki or anyone else. This is past history, leave it there.

                1. Mistakes yes, lies no! And especially not about cancer!!!!!!! It’s not “past” it’s ingrained in Vicki’s moral character. (Or lack thereof) Lie after lie after lie

        2. But there were no appts for her to go to – she backtracked on that too. Said she went to City of Hope with him and saw him then it was oh well no I sat in the waiting room then it was well no I just drove him there and dropped him off. City of Hope…. the same place that never heard of him. She knew… at some point she knew
          Um I wouldn’t support anyone who was being shady about cancer either

          1. FINAL::: Brianna spoke to vick from Oklahomawhere she wasliving at that time. ENOUGH with holding grudges & unforgiveness. I Do Not live that way. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. She did? Hmmmm again she would never have asked Brianna anything related to Brooks, Brianna hated the man with good reason. If some man I was dating had told my son in law to start beating my daughter to get her in line that man would have been gone so fast it’d make his freaking head spin. But oh not Vicki….she called her own daughter a liar just so she could keep her love tank full bleh. Imagine if it came out that any of the other women were sleeping with someone for 2 years prior to being separated? OMG people would go insane! But oh not Vicki….that’s a fact and documented but that’s ok? No cheating on your spouse while on tv pretending to do a vow renewal for camera time is disgusting. Even Donn looked at her right after they filmed that and said “well that should make good tv” those were Vicki’s own words.

        3. I’m sorry but Vicki had to know from the begining. She said herself that she was the only source of income for Brooks. She had to notice there were no bills from doctors or hospitals. She had to notice there were no insurance claims. I think she wanted smypathy for brocks so that he would be accepted.

          1. Pink & Marilyn Did you read what I wrote? I said what I had to say–how I see it–for the FINAL time.
            I appreciate your thoughts, but your thoughts are not my own.
            You’ll never see it my way & I will never see it your way either.
            Had you read mine to the end, you would’ve noted that I said just that——THE END.

    1. I agree! She seems to be there to stir up conflict. You would think she would be better since she has a baby. Honestly, I don’t think Meghan, Tamra, or Shannon have any story lines. I’m quite sick of their take Vicki down at every turn. And I’m not even a Vicki fan.

      1. Completely agree. I’m all for a cast overhaul. I’d be fine if Vicki stayed, and I’m not a Vicki fan either. She’s beloved in the way that a old blind dog with diarrhea and breath from the crypt is.

  4. Can’t stand Meghan. She is a mean girl. Her first season she was projecting onto Shannon. And now she does it to anyone at any moment.

    1. Cannot stand Meghan. I didn’t care about her either way until that episode when she met Vicki for lunch, brought up the issues between Shanon/Tamra and Vicki and then told Vicki she was going to have to tell Shanon and Tamra what they talked about. Even though MEGHAN brought it up and kept going when Vicki asked her to stop. But she said she “had to ask Jimmy first” if she should tell Tamra and Shanon, as if Jimmy gives a crap what these women talk about.

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