Meghan King Edmonds Reveals Why She Questioned Brooks Ayers’ Cancer

When people started questioning whether or not Vicki Gunvalson’s former boyfriend Brooks Ayers really had cancer, Meghan King Edmonds was the first start investigating the situation. Now, Edmonds is reflecting back on what raised red flags in her eyes.

“I thought I would click with Vicki,” Meghan told The Daily Dish. “I knew that Vicki’s boyfriend had cancer and I was also going through a cancer situation with LeAnn, with Jimmy’s ex-wife. I thought that we could help each other and talk about each other’s experiences and commiserate, and instead, I was confronted with a very defensive woman who wanted nothing to do with me and I was shocked.”

Vicki’s defensive attitude is what had Meghan questioning everything. “And that’s really what led me to looking more into this. Because that’s not what you do. People who are dealing with cancer, they connect, and they help each other. And instead, she pushed me away and I was like, ‘What? this doesn’t make sense…'” She went on, “When somebody has cancer like LeAnn had cancer, and I sit there with her at chemo – real chemo not fake chemo…I’m like, ‘Oh, well, okay, when you sat there with him through his chemo, how often did the nurse come in and check? Because I felt like our nurse didn’t come in enough.’ Stuff like that just comes up. And you just chat…It’s just something you talk about and you don’t get defensive about.” It was because of her personal experience that Meghan felt something was off. “If you can’t answer some simple questions like that and you start getting mad at somebody for asking…Those aren’t invasive questions. That’s like breaking the ice questions.”

Thoughts on what Meghan had to say?

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14 Replies to “Meghan King Edmonds Reveals Why She Questioned Brooks Ayers’ Cancer”

  1. Girl, in the words of singer Leslie Feist, “let it die”. I’m so tired of this rehashing, these women are worse than the Jersey girls in the unforgiveness department. I want to see an entertaining reality show with an ensemble cast. Please move on.

    1. The viewers with morals and class will NEVER EVER “let it die” until Vicki is tossed off the show. She lied about cancer, she admitted it then the begged the guy to not leave her AND she dragged a friends husband into her lies. A respected doctor like Terry Dubrow didn’t need to have his name connected with her cancer scams

      1. Okay, that morals and class dig was an interesting choice of words, but allow me to start here: while I’m no Vicky fan, I generally ‘”try” to be neutral to the antics of these women, because ultimately, what transpires in THEIR lives does not make MY world go ’round. Allow me to also add that if you think Vicki is going to be tossed off the show abruptly after surviving the most scandalous viewer backlash in Bravo history- it would appear, my dear, that your energies at this point in time are misdirected. Apparently Gunvulson still brings enough to the negotiating table to keep Evolution Media and Bravo drawing up contracts and shelling out a salary. Therefore, as long as she delivers on her end of their contractual negotiations, it appears on the show she shall remain. We can choose to either watch or boycott: I know that when I’m turned off by a show or tv personality I personally choose to boycott, and/or reach out to viewer-appropriate venues to try to make ACTUAL impact. Just because a block of viewers “won’t let it die” in an online discussion forum doesn’t mean Gulvanson is dispensable to those the show in “decision making” chairs. Gulvanson’s not going anywhere unless her presence presents more cons than pros, and interferes with the network’s bottom line. Therefore, I choose not to be pressed said presence; I have real life causes and issues to worry about that require attention and real action on the ground, in real time.

        One last thing to address: you implying that I am without morals or class was heavy handed, and not necessary in any way for us to have different opinions on the concept of forgiveness. However if you must, I’ll let you have that if that’s what you need to feel superior today. Just know that that regardless of what you may think of viewers like me, what I know for sure is that I am a child of God and HE knows my heart, I OBEY HIS commands and THAT will never change. I have zero interest in conforming to your opinion or anyone else’s, including but not limited to what constitutes “morals and class” : not at noon today , 5pm tomorrow, nor the 12th of never. But thanks anyway for your input & I make it a great day – one hopefully leaving everything and everyone better than than you found them.


  2. Vicki’s evasiveness in the beginning is proof, to me anyway, that she knew and was in on the cancer scam. Someone who screams for pity all the time suddenly doesn’t want to talk about it? No. What Vicki and Brooks did is beyond forgiveness and should never be shoved under the rug. Too many people get away with these types of scams. Vicki and Brooks weren’t smart enough to pull it off, but the fact that they tried make them lower than the stuff I scrape off my boots as I leave the barn.

  3. I love Meghan. I did not like her initially. She got off to a rough start but since I have come to love her kind heart and deep convictions. She sure nailed these 2 frauds Vicki and whats his name and I cheered her all the way. Faking cancer is not acceptable. Glad they were exposed.

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