Meghan King Edmonds Reveals Why She Questioned Brooks Ayers’ Cancer

When people started questioning whether or not Vicki Gunvalson’s former boyfriend Brooks Ayers really had cancer, Meghan King Edmonds was the first start investigating the situation. Now, Edmonds is reflecting back on what raised red flags in her eyes.

“I thought I would click with Vicki,” Meghan told The Daily Dish. “I knew that Vicki’s boyfriend had cancer and I was also going through a cancer situation with LeAnn, with Jimmy’s ex-wife. I thought that we could help each other and talk about each other’s experiences and commiserate, and instead, I was confronted with a very defensive woman who wanted nothing to do with me and I was shocked.”

Vicki’s defensive attitude is what had Meghan questioning everything. “And that’s really what led me to looking more into this. Because that’s not what you do. People who are dealing with cancer, they connect, and they help each other. And instead, she pushed me away and I was like, ‘What? this doesn’t make sense…'” She went on, “When somebody has cancer like LeAnn had cancer, and I sit there with her at chemo – real chemo not fake chemo…I’m like, ‘Oh, well, okay, when you sat there with him through his chemo, how often did the nurse come in and check? Because I felt like our nurse didn’t come in enough.’ Stuff like that just comes up. And you just chat…It’s just something you talk about and you don’t get defensive about.” It was because of her personal experience that Meghan felt something was off. “If you can’t answer some simple questions like that and you start getting mad at somebody for asking…Those aren’t invasive questions. That’s like breaking the ice questions.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo