Meghan King Edmonds Reveals Names of Twin Boys

Former RHOC star Meghan King Edmonds recently gave birth to twin boys and now she is sharing the names of her sons.

In a recently blog post, Meghan revealed her twin sons are named Hayes and Hart. Meghan and her husband Jim, already have one daughter together, Aspen King.

“We take a couple days to name them. We are between the names Hart, Hayes, Haze, and Lake. Inside of me Baby A was active and I thought Hart was a good name for an active baby and Hayes or Lake would be better for my Baby B, my chill baby. But on the outside, Baby B is active and Baby A is chill!” Meghan wrote. “Three days later after much thinking we name Baby A Hayes and Baby B Hart. Both are family names: Hayes (who looks like Jimmy) is Jimmy’s great-grandma’s maiden name, Hart (who looks like me) is my great-great-great grandpa’s first name. King is a given for their middle names. Our family is now completely complete.”

Hayes was born at 10:48PM, and Hart was born at 11:32PM on June 5.

“Overall I had a beautiful labor almost exactly as I envisioned. I am so blessed to have had a natural, vaginal labor,” Meghan shared. “I was incredibly conscious of everything happening to my body, I knew what to expect during each stage, I felt present, awake, and enlightened. It was incredibly painful but I enjoyed my breaks between contractions. I feel so powerful.”

Congrats to Meghan and Jimmy!


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