Meghan King Edmonds Returning to RHOC Season 12 as Full-Time Housewife

Although reports stated that Meghan King Edmonds would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County after having her daughter Aspen, things have changed! Edmonds will return to season twelve of the show as a full-time cast member.

After last season, Meghan quit the show because the drama was too much for her, RadarOnline reports.

However, the source shared that “producers felt that bringing her back full time could be good for her and good for ratings.”

“Meghan started off as being a friend or a guest on the show for this upcoming season. She was really wanting to focus on her family,” the insider added.

Our insiders tell us that there is a great divide between the women while filming this season and the source shares who side Meghan is on. “Meghan has formed a close bond with Tamra and Shannon [Beador] and it is working out really well so far.”

“Producers had already written Meghan and her family out of the show, so she had to really plead and show them she wanted to return badly,” the source shared. “Negotiations fell through with production on with a potential new cast member, so they were able to make room for Meghan. She was the last person to get an offer to return to the full time cast.”


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We brought all the beaches… 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

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Are you excited for Meghan’s return?

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Rain 🙂 how are you ? Haven’t seen you for at least a week . Agree with you . Are you surprised that Lydia is team Vicki ?

Maybe Megan and Lydia will become friends. Along with Tamra, they are the only 3 with souls.

Tamra really appears to have grown up a bit since she first started on the show. I hope she keeps on the straight and narrow.

I read it several places , Lydia is team Vicki

Gurrrrrrl, the groups you mentioned are staying away from these shows, they don’t want to be bothered with the stigma, lol. The black women in BH with that level of money are firmly established entertainment industry circles with secure lifestyles, they are not trying to jack up their “day hustle” messing around with this circus for a check that depends on being a public figure, and then at the mercy of the public’s acceptance. Atlanta Old Guard elite white women won’t get within 200 yards of this kind of production; what I’ve found is that the show is always a… Read more »

Good grief, did anyone notice the size of her ring? It has to weigh more then she does.

Oh Joy, my all time 3 favorites-Tamara, Shannon & Meghan.
Okay, Enough. The baby is adorable.

Frank Van Der Heijden

Peroxide everywhere…..and botox….meh !

Love that Megan is coming back! She’s a favorite of mine. Can’t wait to meet her daughter. Thanks Bravo. (Now take off Vicki and Dudo and all would be great).

I agree. I was sad to hear she wouldn’t be back so I’m glad I can see her another season. she’s the youngest yet the one w the most sense it seems. I thought she moved out of OC tho???

Happy Megan is back! Just not happy Tamra is back.

ugh….never liked her. And now she, Tamra & Shannon will be the three mean girls once again. I’m over this show.

I love that Meghan is back. She will stand up to Liarface Vicki and gutter trash Kelly