Meghan King Edmonds Pregnant with Second Baby

During part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Meghan King Edmonds revealed she is currently pregnant with her second child, a baby boy.

Meghan took to her personal blog earlier today to share the news with everyone, before the reunion aired.

“Aspen is going to be a big sister!” Meghan announced. “It was so hard for us to keep it a secret from everyone especially since we shared our entire IVF journey with Aspen on RHOC from the very beginning. Tonight on the RHOC reunion you’ll see that I’m only one month pregnant, but that was filmed five weeks ago: we are now ten weeks pregnant (and I’m feeling every bit of it)! Because you won’t see any of our current journey on RHOC, I’ll share our beautiful journey with you here!”

King Edmonds continues, “When Aspen was only a few months old Jimmy and I knew we wanted to add another baby to the mix. Yes, Aspen has half-siblings but we wanted her to be able to share in the joy of waking up to a sibling every day of her life. Plus her half-siblings are completely enamored by Aspen and they LOVED the idea of expanding our family even more.”

Meghan explained her baby boy was conceived through IVF. “We began the IVF process over the summer,” she shared. “We started from scratch because we really wanted to have a boy (Jimmy has a total of five girls and one boy) and we only had two frozen female embryos. This was a difficult decision for us. Jimmy was adamant he didn’t care about the sex of the baby, he just didn’t want me to have to again endure the emotional rollercoaster that comes with IVF. (If we had decided to transfer one of the female embryos my drug regimen would’ve been much less involved than full blown IVF.) But I insisted: I was more comfortable with going through IVF again since I knew what to expect. So we moved forward with IVF.”

Watch this clip from the reunion where Meghan announces her pregnancy:

Congrats to Meghan and Jimmy!

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12 Replies to “Meghan King Edmonds Pregnant with Second Baby”

  1. This will be interesting to see what direction she will go. Meghan’s previously been quite honest in interviews about not wanting to be stuck at home in St. Louis with a baby, and was dying to get back to the life she had become spoiled by and accustomed to in California, so she begged to get her job back this season. Perhaps this go ’round she may be willing to embrace motherhood a bit more and sit the next season out to focus on family? I understand she (in her own words) loves being the center of attention and always knew she would be on TV one day, but it’s okay to sit out a season and perhaps come back a little later when she has more of a storyline to offer outside of nanny interactions and candle parties for a boutique that has questionable customer service.

  2. This woman is such a poser! She’ll have 2find another cousin 2care 4 the kid like the 1st 1. She needs2 stop breast feeding & drinking. And don’t get me started on, “dumping”! That’s just plain irresponsible! She’s so busy with her candles! That’s so fake. All She has 2 do is slap her name on some 1’s product & she calls it her Co! What a sham! I don’t like her as a person bc she’s malicious & vile! I’m out. Peace!

  3. I must have missed something, somewhere along the line. I don’t get why people are complaining about Meghan being a bad mother. I’ve read tons of comments criticizing her parenting. What I’ve seen of her and her baby, she does fine. I’m happy for them if they wanted another baby and are having one. Is the main beef that she has a nanny?

  4. If that’s the reason then all those women should get preggers and have triplets so none of them return, That show needs fresh meat or go on a hiatus

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