Meghan King Edmonds Gives Birth To Daughter


Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds gave birth to her daughter, Aspen King Edmonds on Thanksgiving day, November, 24th.

She confirmed the big news on Instagram, writing, “We are deliriously in love with our perfect Aspen.”

Meghan revealed she gave birth naturally and says that baby Aspen looks just like Jimmy.

Check out the photos below.

Our perfect Aspen King Edmonds made her grand entrance on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, 6lbs 11oz. From the hours leading up to the birth I had the most incredible husband, he didn’t leave my side. I could not have labored naturally without him and my doula. Jimmy was a constant source of support through every contraction, each blood-curdling scream and each time I told him I thought I was dying and couldn’t do it anymore. He ran baths, helped me walk, helped me breathe, held my hands, essentially endured the burden of my pain for all 22 hours. I am so proud and impressed of the team we made to welcome Aspen, our bond is more unshakable than I ever imagined. We have a healthy, strong happy baby who loves breastfeeding and already holding her head up! I feel like I worked out for a week straight and my throat hurts from yelling but I survived unscathed without so much as a tiny tear and now I feel like the strongest warrior on the planet (and Jimmy thinks so too) her birthdate 11/24/16 added up equals her daddy’s baseball number 15 🙂 1+1+2+4+1+6=15 #secondsold #needlefree #naturalbirth #22hoursoflabor #aspenkingedmonds #thanksgivingbaby #inlove #cantstopstaring #birthplanwentasplanned #fullheadofblackhair #warriorbaby ——————– We are deliriously in love with our perfect Aspen 💕💗

A photo posted by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on

Au naturale prize. Wow.

A photo posted by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on

My mini Jimmy ❤️ (don’t you think she looks just like him?!)

A photo posted by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on

She went from being born on Thanksgiving to leaving the hospital with Christmas decorations! #firstcarride #goinghome

A photo posted by Meghan King Edmonds (@meghankedmonds) on

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m thrilled for her and she was able to do it naturally go Megan congrats you two 🙂

Congratulations Meghan, glad you have your baby!

Morning Suze sweetie

Good morning Suze and Daisy ❤️❤️❤️❤️Yes congrats Meghan xoxo she will be a great mommy xoxo

Morning Rain cutie pie . I also think she will be a good mommy . It’s nice to hear this sweet news compared to all of the other trash going on lately

Morning/Afternoon Rain and Daisy xxxoooooo

Suze, Durrells are over so Sunday nights are boring again !!! Womp womp ! Hope you’re staying warm and cozy in Scotland ❤️❤️❤️

No! It’s really cold here! Went to my favourite little coffee shop this morning!
My future DIL bought her wedding dress on Sunday, it’s beautiful, I am so lucky she has shared pictures with me!
Hopefully the next series of the Durrells will start soon.

You mean Floors?? Oh how sweet of your DIL !! I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous . Are you and her mom allowed to wear whatever you want or does she have a theme? Oooooohhh a Scottish wedding ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Don’t we all go to a castle for coffee? Really, Rain? 😉 I think she meant Floors Castle, yes. If I am wrong, then I apologize in advance. I want to go there too. We can all go. Maybe one day we can go with Virtual Reality glasses on, all at the same time…somehow. That would not be the same, but it would be interesting…if we could only see each other in 3 D too. 🙂 I know Suzes’ DIL will look lovely in that dress. Now can we all go to the wedding too? Maybe with VR glasses? 🙂

Too funny 🙂 Suze , can we crash the wedding and you can say we are your loud crazy American friends lol ❤️❤️❤️

I would love you all to crash the wedding, that would be such fun! xoxoxoxoxox

No I’m afraid no Scottish wedding, it’s in Richmond just outside London near where they live and where I was born! I don’t even think my son will wear a kilt! I’m not even thinking about me although I think it will be where whatever, it’s only a small wedding,
Yes I meant Floors, my local coffee shop. Xoxoxoxoxxox

Well a wedding is always beautiful no matter how small Suze ❤️❤️❤️ My husband and I had a tiny small wedding , it was shotgun ( American expression meaning I was preggo lol) . So I’m waiting to live vicariously through my kids weddings hahaha xoxo. Suze , you’ll be proud and beautiful and happy xoxo

I am proud of them both and understand why they are having a small wedding. There will just be 42 people for the service and meal then 70 in total for the evening. Xoxoxox

Rain our wedding was the two of us and two friends and we didn’t tell anyone until afterwards. We had been living together for years so it wasn’t a big deal! My first wedding was big and that didn’t do me any good! Xoxox

Suze I like big weddings but for other people, not for me , isn’t that funny?? I’m content with small ceremonies for myself but want to live vicariously through others ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wonderful Suze . I’m glad you got out . Did you have some of the delicious carrot cake ?

No I’m off cake so had a pot of Earl Grey Tea and a Toastie! Yum! Xoxoxoxox

Suze, tell me what was in that toastie. Was it cheddar cheese? Is there bacon or anything? I forget. There are different kinds right? XOXO

Sandy, lots of different ones but mine was cheddar cheese and Tomato! Xoxoxoxxo

Yum!! Suze, that sounds yummy. I bet they even throw a garnish on the plate and make it look pretty too. 😉 XOXO

Yummy Suze . I eat grilled cheese with tomato soup for lunch often

Sandy, yes it comes with a salad although I’m not really into salad for breakfast!

Well, they do know how to serve their meals there. I am sure it is lovely.
Yes, salad is more brunch than breakfast! I agree. ❤️❤️️❤️️

Daisy, I love cheese and also tomatoes so we can have lunch together anytime!

Suze that would be awesome to have lunch with you my dear friend

Sorry my comment a bit choppy, really tired today! Xoxoxoxox

Suze, have a snooze and get back to us really soon.
Take care, sweetness.

I wish Sandy! Xoxoxoxxox

That is an order! No more ironing..if you are doing that. 🙂
Love you Suze. XOXOXO

No more ironing! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Very true Daisy lol, trash all way round !! Hope you and your family (hubs, MIL) are all well ❤️❤️❤️

Rain sweetheart thanks for asking . Hubby is ok just really high blood pressure lately . His Dr appointment is in a couple of weeks . Hopefully they will adjust his medicine . Who knows about the mil. Too long of a story to get into right now

We will all pray for you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you sweetie

Yes, will do Daisy. Praying for all, including Rain. 😉


Daisy, I wish him well. He must get that BP under control. I don’t have to tell you that, I know. I just care. I wish you and your hubby well. My hubby was not himself for the last several days. He was off T Day, worked Friday and off the weekend. He was very tired all of those days. He did not even want to walk the dog as much as he usually does either. He just sat in the recliner a lot and snored. He said the docs say he will be more tired for several weeks since… Read more »

Sandh and Daisy , we all love and support you and your husbands , just like you lovingly support all of us! We all pray for you and your husbands and wish them the best xoxxoxo

Rain, you are something else. I admire you so much. I hope you know that you have a special way about you that is so warm and endearing. You are funnier than funny too, and you never lose that great personality, even when you have your not so great days. You are awesome!
Thank you Rain, dear. You are a rainbow of love. 🙂 XOXOXO

You’re gonna make me tear up now !! ❤️❤️❤️ You are all amazing, loving and caring women and we bring out the best of each other. We happen to be going through similar things in our personal lives so it’s wonderful that we can support each other . I get that from you guys way more than I give it and I’m very grateful to all of you xoxoxo

Rain you give just as much and I know that! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Bullshit Rain you always give words of encouragement and loving thoughts . Don’t be so hard on yourself

OK Rain you now have me in tears . All I can say is I LOVE you . Truly I do

Daisy ❤️❤️❤️

Oh Sandy what wonderful news . I’m so so happy he’s in remission . Praise the Lord ! !!!

Thanks,Daisy. Yes, we are counting our blessings.
You are so sweet, Daisy. XOXOXO

Thank you Sandy . I’m not that sweet trust me . … just ask my family lol

Sandy, you both deserve some happiness now after the stress of the last few months. Hopefully soon he will be back to normal! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Very true Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Suze. You are the best. I know it is very stressful on everyone. I want you to be in remission too, my dear friend. I am thinking positive for you, too, Suze. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO With the hubby, he will still be on the hormone suppression for years. He has gained weight and now has a tummy he never had and gets hot flashes, but even so, we are grateful for his good outcome. It all does take a toll on the body and the mind. He also has his other health issues…with the kidney stones and UC. His UC I… Read more »

That’s so brutal sandy, your poor husband! I am so sorry xoxo but things will get better, you’ll see ❤️❤️❤️

Oh Sandy I’m sorry to hear that . My mom had cataract surgery . I was very concerned because of her overall bad health . Everything went wonderful . After she recovered she always told me that I needed to dust the house

Thank so Sandy, my hubbie had cataract surgery and it was very successful although he was grumpier for a few days! Xoxoxoxxo

Yes my husband had it too Suze and was also grumpy

love babies….

One more to RAIN. YOU DO give A LOT, Rain, sweetie. You are the best!
I don’t know how you do what you do and still stay so amazing, but I am so thankful that you are you, Rain. Thank you for being you! XOXO

The weed helps lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You’re so sweet Sandy and everyone else xoxo , what you ladies go through personally or your husbands is so overwhelming but you guys still do it and come here and are sweet to everyone . Kudos to you ladies xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Kudos to you to loving sweet sweet Rain

It just occurred to me . .. all this love going on and it’s not even hump day.

To all of you here with health issues and loved ones with heal issues: My prayers for all of you.
As for Meghan? I’m gonna miss her on RHOC. I liked her from the get go. Congrats to her and her little bundle of love. Pure sweet love, right??

The same wishes for you Gigi! Xoxoxoxox

You too GIGICAT xoxo

Thank you Gigicat . I wish the same for you

So happy for Meghan, her precious bundle is here & what a cutie.
Suze sweetie, enjoy your happy occasion. Love u friend.
Rain & Daisy, wishing your hubbies well totally.

Thank you sweet Starr⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you Starr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Daisy and Suze, thanks again. Suze, that is encouraging about your husband. I am used to grumpy by now too, so I understand. Daisy, was it dusty in your house or was her vision not so clear? I was wondering if that cloudy vision did that…just saying. 😉 MY MIL had cataract surgery about my husband’s age, so it is in his family. His brother has her knees, so that is worse in my opinion. She had total knee surgery. Oh, well, I sound like I am obsessed with this stuff now! Sorry. As for Meghan King Edmonds, I wonder… Read more »

Before anyone replies, my name is Sandra. I go by the name Sandy most of the time, and yes, people have said to me, I have or had a dog named Sandy. Little Orphan Annie had a dog named Sandy too. 🙂

Sandy, a friend’s son who was in U.S. when his girlfriend conceived called their Daughter, middle name I won’t say first name but they named her Sequoia as she was conceived under a tree! So who knows where people get these names!

Sandy , Mom could actually see the dust in my house . Now on to names . My friend’s granddaughters name is Heaven Lee Hale

Sequoia is a different name. I wonder how many people have a problem pronouncing it, though it is a tree in the U.S. (not near me). Heaven Lee Hale. That had to be intentional to sound like Heavenly Hail..sorta kinda. Some people go far. There was a girl in my high school named Sherry Martini. Martini was her last name. It still sounds like two drinks, but maybe she married and became Sherry Winegarten or something? Just kidding. I think people want unique names that no one else has, or have some sense of humor with names and they go… Read more »
Now THAT’S a weird name–Nosmo King!! I hate my name, I won’t say it–but it’s really stupid and not appropriate at all, for someone older. Hope everyone here had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I spent it alone, with my pets, as usual–no biggie, I cooked my own turkey, bought a pumpkin pie, then made soup a few days later. I have a new puppy and she’s a handful, so even if I had somewhere to go, I wouldn’t have wanted to leave her, to tear up my house. (I have to wait until she takes a nap, to sneak out and… Read more »

Hi Queenie, what sort of puppy have you got? They are so much fun although hard work! Xoxoxoxxox

Puppies are a lot of work. I know what that is like. They are so cute though.
My little dog (toy breed) was born on Thanksgiving two years ago which was the 27th, so he turned 2 yesterday. He loves a lot of attention. I have to walk him now. He also loves to play fetch inside with stuffed squeaker toys too.
He chewed up a lot as a pup, but is over that thankfully. He used to love to chew on frozen baby carrots a bit while teething…and I would take them away before he ate much. It helped.

Hi Queenie. I’m sure you have a lovely name. If you live close to me you and your puppy can come to my house next Thanksgiving

You are young at heart, so your name is just fine! 😀

Nosmo King…….I’m still laughing!! But funnier is the sign on the ….heeeeheeeee…. wall……NO SMOKING!!! Oh Lordie. Wait till I tell people.

I got another Toy Poodle–my favorite breed of dog. A red one, this time, so I named her Ruby. Thanks for the tip about the frozen carrots, Sandy. She’s almost 4mos. and chewing, biting, everything in sight! She’s really good at playing fetch, really cute to see her bringing the stuff back to me. One thing is nice, when I put her on my ottoman, she knows to take a nap and calm down for a bit.
Well, thank you so much Daisy!! That’s so sweet of you, I’ve met the nicest people, on this site! <333

There are so many of us who are dog or cat lovers it’s lovely! I always say if someone has a pet they must be nice! Poodles are so clever! I wish we could share photos here of our pets!

Me too. I would also love to see pics of your son’s upcoming wedding!! It sounds so beautiful, already.

I would love to share it when it happens in august! She is a beautiful girl and I am so lucky!

Sorry I forgot xoxoxoxoxox

I have a Havanese. They are related to the Bichon and Maltese family.
The breeder told me about the frozen baby carrots. You have to watch them when they eat them. They get softer after a bit of time, and I took the carrot away when it was breaking in any large chunks, since I was afraid he would choke, but while frozen, it is great for a teething small pup. He loved them. I got him at 4 1/2 months and he was a chewer for a long time.

Poodles are brilliant dogs. They are so sweet. I love toy poodles. Take pictures! 🙂

Beautiful baby. Blessings and joy to the Edmonds.

Big huge congratulations to you both. I wish you nothing but the joy only a baby can bring.

The Countess of Hootersville

Aspen ?..the next one will be called Gstaad ? or Zermatt ?, maybe Vail ? or Courcheval ?

Poor baby