Meghan King Edmonds Feels The Pressure Of Being Jim’s Third Wife


In this preview for tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives or Orange County Meghan Edmonds goes furniture shopping with her husband Jim. Because Meghan is Jim’s third wife, she is still living in the home he built and decorated with his second wife…

“I attach a lot of memories to things,” Meghan shares. “These aren’t my things. These are the things he used to have with his ex-wife. So it’s really important to me to be able to choose things with my husband and have it be our things.”

“Jimmy has been through two marriages before me and I have a failed marriage as well,” Meghan reveals. “I can’t say for sure that I know this is going to work. I think that’s too optimistic and I want to be realistic.”

She continues, “Jimmy and I have only been married for four months and he’s spending 50% of his time in St. Louis. He has to be there for work. He has two restaurants and he works for Fox Sports Midwest. Of course I’m worried about the stress that’s going to put on our marriage.”

Watch the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jo

    The husband is gay.

  • Karen’

    From what I’ve seen so far JIm seem like a disinterested and rude jerk. Especially for a newlywed man. He seems far more engaged in his daughters welfare than Meghan’s, and he is outright mean to Meghan sometimes to the delight of his daughter. I can’t see this marriage lasting, and I can see why the other two failed.

    • Lulu

      I don’t know about the other issues you mentioned, becaus ec d

      • Lulu

        Sorry, my hand slipped…I was saying that I didn’t see him being rude at all. And his daughter should come first, I see nothing wrong with him putting her before the other women in his life at all. Especially since there seems to be a parade of them.

  • Kat

    I agree with you Karen!!

  • This guy is a dick.

  • boo freaking hoo saskatuhuan.

  • Queenie

    She’s going to get really tired of his sh!t, really quick. It almost sounds like she already has one foot out the door, saying that she doesn’t want to be “too optimistic.”

  • I feel bad for Meghan when I see her with Jim. He seems so uninterested in her. I don’t see this relationship lasting.

  • Lisa

    Amen sistahs! Jim is a creep and like you guys are saying, I dont see this lasting. he treats her like a kid (that he doesnt like). Hope he sees himself as we do and turns it around. Wake up time Jim.

    • Lulu

      I think she brings it on herself with her pouty childish attitude. I don’t think he’s a prince, but I don’t think she married for love.

  • Laila2014

    He was so rude and condescending to Meghan on the show, then his daughter is laughing about it. How long will this ridiculous marriage last.!!

  • Lulu

    So far in the first two episodes of RHOOC Meghan has probably Ben herself to be an insecure spoiled brat. I don’t blame her husband for treating her like a child. She acts like one.

  • Lulu

    Yeah auto correct killed me there. Should have said Meghan has proven herself to be an…

  • Trixiebelle

    This guys is SO not into her. He’s a dick. They won’t be married long. I give it a year, two tops.

  • Jon

    Jim is GAY Gay GAY!!!!!!! She’s a beard! Duh

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100% she is his beard!

  • It’s almost like he can’t stand her. It’s shocking that he’s so mean and dismissive of her. I thought he was gay the first time I saw him on the program. Gay, gay, gay.