Meghan King Edmonds Explains Why Daughter Aspen Is Wearing a Helmet

We watched Meghan Edmonds’ journey with the IVF process on The Real Housewives of Orange County last season and she gave birth to her daughter Aspen King Edmonds on November 24th, 2016, and if you follow Meghan on social media you may have noticed that Aspen has been wearing a helmet lately.

“When she was born, I noticed pretty much right away that her head was a little mishaped and my pediatrician said it happens sometimes when they come through the birth canal, so just rotate her when she sleeps,” Meghan explained to The Daily Dish. “She had kind of a tight neck, so I had to do physical therapy with her, stretches. Well then as she got a little bit older, I noticed her head was improving, but it was still not great. So at that point that was when my doctor recommended that if I wanted to I could take her to a helmet place [Cranial Technologies].”

Aspen was evaluated and it was decided that she had to wear the helmet for six weeks, getting it adjusted once a week. “Sure enough even with the improvements she had had with her head, it wasn’t perfectly shaped,” she said. “It was kind of flat on one side and sticking out more in the front of her head.”

Turns out, her issue stemmed from before she even came into the world back in November. “They were asking all these questions about like how was she in the womb and my pregnancy. Well, it turns out that they see a lot of babies like Aspen with their heads like that when the mom is really small and has a small pelvis,” she said. “And Aspen was so far down low [when I was pregnant] that she formed to the shape of my pelvis. And it makes sense cause when I did the 3-D ultrasound, they were never able to see her face cause she was so low so I never got to see her.”

Aspen actually adjusted to having to wear the helmet quite easily. “The first couple days, she didn’t like when I would put it on or take it off,” Meghan recalled. “But once it was on there, it was fine. But now she doesn’t mind putting it on or taking it off or anything. It doesn’t bother her at all.”

“She’s very curious and alert and she definitely knows who I am. And when there’s a lot of strangers around or she’s in public in a place that she’s not familiar with, she’s a little apprehensive. Sometimes she’ll cry,” she said. “And she’s super, super smiley, constantly smiling and giggling. She just discovered her feet and it’s really cute. And then she tries to play with my phone now if I’m holding it. When I nurse her she’s so distracted if I talk at all. She just like hops off and looks at me and smiles.”

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