Meghan King Edmonds Expecting Twin Baby Boys

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds announced this week that she is pregnant with twin boys!

King Edmonds chose an Instagram post to share the news, writing, “We’re having TWINS! Oh boy oh boy! 💙💙#doubletrouble#threeundertwo.” In the photo there was a sign that said, “Our family is growing by four feet and two heartbeats” and “Edmonds twin boys June 2018.”

Meghan and Jim also have a daughter, Aspen, who is a year old.

Congratulations to the couple!

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • cat62

    Wow…she is going to be very busy.

    • timdun

      Her nannies are going to be very busy.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    This is wonderful news. Jim finally gets his boys. I’m happy for them both.

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    This explains the 15,000 sq. ft. monster they’re building here in my home town of St. Louis (we’ve walked the property). How exactly they fit into Orange County is another conversation entirely, but whatever~. I suspect Andy will find a place for home town hero Jim Edmonds Meghan for as long as she wants to be on the show.

    • Rain

      I think you’re right Enigma ! I think Meghan will stay as long as she decides to

  • Cin

    great news….

  • Starr

    Congrats to Meghan. However is she going to do this. Having one was too much & with a nanny to boot. I am guessing she’ll have 3 nannies now.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    I don’t get why people have a bug up their butt about nannies. What’s the big deal? People have no trouble dropping kids off at a germ-filled day care. (I know, I worked in a private school next to one) If you can afford a nanny, I say go for it. Last I checked, nanny’s don’t breast feed. Meghan seems very engaged with her daughter and the cameras are not there 24/7. We really have no idea what goes on in their house. She’s filming, why not have someone with you? To me, Meghan doesn’t sound half as overwhelmed as some of the new moms I come in contact with. These days, most women act like they’re the first ones to ever get pregnant and give birth.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Happy Christmas to you too. 🙂

  • Nancy

    I hope she doesn’t return! Insufferable!

  • HuckabeesWonkyEye

    If dropping ones crotch fruit is now a storyline, can we just please get Gretch back? At least she has a temperature. Dating Slade is close to having a kid, right?