Meghan King Edmonds Defends David Beador About Cancer Conversation

Meghan King Edmonds says she hates that Lydia McLaughlin’s feelings were hurt regarding the dinner at the Farmhouse. In her blog, Meghan talks about her heart-to-heart with Lydia and shares her thoughts on David Beador’s conversation with Diko Sulahian.

“Even though it was only shown briefly, my favorite part of this week’s episode was celebrating Aspen’s first Easter. We made bunny footprints for both sets of Aspen’s grandparents and one for her great grandparents — Jimmy has a grandma and grandpa who are still living!

I think the idea of having a “balls voyage” party was kind of weird, but I’m always up for a beautiful party on a boat for any reason! It was a little awkward seeing Lydia for the first time since our hike, but I’m glad that both Jimmy and I were able to go. I also felt bad about not calling to check in on Lydia after the Farmhouse dinner. It sucks to feel left out whether the intentions were pure or not (and in this case they were) and I hate that Lydia’s feelings were hurt.”

Meghan also weighs in on David Beador’s conversation with Diko about his wife’s mastectomy.

“It looks like David’s conversation with Diko about Peggy’s mastectomy went the same as our conversation with Peggy at Farmhouse. So confusing. David wasn’t interrogating Diko about Peggy’s cancer – Diko was the one who brought it up! David was trying to communicate with Diko and follow the story but got confused like the rest of us. And then the end of Diko’s story was, “you freak out.” What?? Everyone is just trying to understand the full story, but to no avail. But that doesn’t mean we’re not thankful that Peggy is healthy now. That truly is all that matters.

Ew. I’m SO grossed out that Kelly and Vicki did colonics in front of each other…what the hell? Yuck yuck yuck! I get REALLY grossed out by bathroom stuff and after watching that, I’m so sorry that you had to watch me in the OR last season when I got pregnant with Aspen!”

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5 Replies to “Meghan King Edmonds Defends David Beador About Cancer Conversation”

  1. I just think you all are so “empty headed” and “superficial”! It’s like watching aliens on mars! You really sold out when you married that ” old emotionally unavailable entitled athlete”! It wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t having an affair because while they marry young women like you.. their reality is that “you want what he left behind and it was boring to him”! You just don’t get it! You will though when he trades you in ( just like the major leagues)!

  2. How can you have a baby and be freaked out by bathroom stuff? It’s just some water up your behind, no biggie really

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