Meghan Emonds’ Step-Daughter Hayley Defends Her Against Vicki Gunvalson


It’s no secret that newcomer Meghan King Edmonds doesn’t get along with OC veteran Vicki Gunvalson, and while Vicki may have friends like Shannon Beador on her side, Meghan’s 18-year old step-daughter Hayley is taking to Twitter to defend her!

Last week while the episode aired, Hayley called Vicki “psychotic” and this week, she took it a step further. “You’re a dumb b**** @vgunvalson,” Hayley tweeted Monday night.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Charming, but we already knew that Meghan and Hayley are both smart mouth little twits.

Wonder if stepdaughter got another $100 from Meghan for that tweet.

That was very intuitive, Aunt Bee. I wonder if they shop and talk “boys” together, like high school friends instead of Step-Mom and child. Because that girl is still a child even if she is emancipated.

Good one! Probably even more!

😀 😀

I’m sure Jim is so proud of both his girls.

I don’t mind commenting because she is over 18 and chose to talk like and about this.


I know. I honestly don’t think Jim gives a ….. He seems like a lowlife to me. He talks like he has given up on his daughter for the most part. He fathers children in one way only…by a small donation on his part and no parenting. He is hard to watch. I don’t get how being married to him is such a big deal either…yuck.

I’ve always found it suspect when a housewife, (in this case Meghan), fails to blog about a confrontation they’re involved in. Guilty conscience maybe? She can’t spin and twist an explanation so she gets her step-daughter to troll Vicki? How pathetic.

And then she will call us (the viewers) bullies for commenting on her poor stepdaughter lol. Girl, bye!

WTH is this girl doing getting herself embroiled in this? Oh NO M’AM, a child needs to know when to stay in a child’s place! I wish a child in my immediate or extended family WOULD try to pull some nonsense like this (NOT)…this 24/7 digital age is contributing to the moral decay of society faster than I ever thought possible. Good job, Meghan.

Foul mouth I’ll mannered girl (remember how she treated her dying mother at the time on TV during prom) is out of high school now so she ain’t no little girl, just immature.

I agree.

That’s not how it works from my neck of the woods. Being an adult, in MY family, is not simply reaching 18: it’s responsibility and accountability. You don’t just wiggle your way through high school and suddenly you’re “grown up”. You commit yourself to completing post-secondary education, become gainfully employed, start paying bills and taxes, and carry yourself with a reasonable degree of common sense and integrity while you make your life choices for the long haul. That is what (at least partially ) constitutes being an adult. Until that child can at least master those basic skills, she needs… Read more »

That was a wonderful post. Are you a writer, because you are very eloquent in your explanation of being an adult.

I agree. I have wondered the same as well. I thoroughly enjoy reading Bon Vivant’s posts and have also commented in the past about my admiration of the beautifully written comments.

Jim ! Jim Edmonds! Should spank this silly girl and get his family off this show! He looks like a douche already , and now this???? Ridiculous

Jim is definitely a douche, let’s just hope he treats Meghan with respect and doesn’t embarrass her again with his stupid “zip pit ” remarks.

Whoop-dee-doo, another Meghan twin with a brainless mouth.

Good grief I feel for Jim Edmonds his made a big mistake…..HUGE!!

I don’t feel sorry for Jim. He’s a grown man. He knew what he was getting into. That kid needs a good old fashioned ass-beating, Meghan needs to start acting like a wife and not a high school mean girl and Vicki needs to dial it down about 200 notches. I need earplugs whenever she opens her mouth.

I read recently that Jim suffered a concussion, while playing baseball. I wonder if that has affected his judgement and caused the split from his 2nd wife, then the rush to re-marry someone he doesn’t seem all that enamored with now?

Good for Haley for sticking up for Meagan… Vicki was ugly in her behavior… very very ugly things she said. I am sick of watching Vicki’s train wreck. GO MEAGAN!!!

I like Meaghan. She doesn’t come with all the dramas of the other HW. The kid is only expressing what most of us think about Vicki. Good on Hayley for sticking up for her step-mum – unlike Vicki’s own kids who seem to want to put a very big distance from her and always seem embarrassed whenever she’s around them.

Didn’t Hayley say to Meghan more than once “you’re so lame” and other disrespectful things? Hayley should not be involved in this dispute on any level in any way.

yes… something like that… teens have a tendence to say things to look cool… like when you are being filmed and you become a bit flippant…..

Go Meghan….. it seems to be a standard on OC….. if someone comes in who is prettier, has more money, etc. the ladies pounce on them… one memory when Heather & girls went after Alexis regarding showing off her money…. that is NOTHING compared to Heather and her obnoxious homes — Heather was jealous from the moment she set foot into the OC show…. Alexis was pretty, lived well (not as obnoxiously as Heather by the way) but Heahter was threatened by what she had…. Do no like Heather – she basically throws her wealth in everyone’s face… ”here I… Read more »
Cin, Alexis did not “live well”. Alexis and Jim lease their cars, rent their homes, are in hock up to their eyeballs and he won’t get a “regular” job because… well… he believes it’s beneath him. He’s got quite the reputation down here in OC which is why they moved about as far south OC as they could before getting into San Diego county. We are SICK of them. Horrible in restaurants, loud and arrogant in public. Nightmare, out of control children and the church they go to is a joke. It’s held in a warehouse up off Jamboree, just… Read more »

As a small town Texas girl I have been to churches held in barns, on the bank of a lake, in gyms, in a skate rink. It is not about the building but about the spirit in which people gather in His name. I have also been to church in the most beautiful building yet it was cold and could not feel His spirit at all.

Cassy, I’m saying it’s a warehouse because I went there ONCE when I was looking for a good church. It’s a giant box with no windows, folding metal chairs, the entire front of the “warehouse” is a screen and they have all kinds of odd performances. That pastor flies in on a private jet on Sunday mornings, preaches his sermon and then flies out. Where is he during the week? What if a member wants to talk to him about something? Do they Skype? Do they have to line up at Atlantic or Signature Aviation (FBO’s around here) and catch… Read more »

Sorry, forgot to put Gigi…

Now I see what you are saying. I was understanding from your first post that it wasn’t a church because of the building. It scares me actually how many people believe the stuff the “Believe in God and your life will be easy and you will be blessed with riches” there are.

I agree about Heather. It’s disgusting the way she and Terry show off constantly. I think she was insanely jealous of Alexis, because of her beauty. Heather is downright ugly.

Again,,,,, I like Meghan —

Again, I cant help it even if I tried, I do not like Meghan.