Meghan Edmonds: I Will Never Forgive Brooks Ayers


Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds says she will never forgive Brooks Ayers for his alleged fake cancer diagnosis and forged medical records.

“I will never forgive [Brooks],” she told PEOPLE.

Ayers admitted last November that he forged medical documents from cancer hospital City of Hope, which he originally presented in an attempt to prove his diagnosis. Despite speculation, however, he maintained that he had cancer. But Edmonds isn’t buying it.

“I think people think that I was a little overzealous, and maybe I was,” Edmonds acknowledges. “But it really sucked to be dealing with cancer, with my friend LeeAnn dying of cancer, and to see this guy Brooks, this sleazeball trying to profit off of cancer with Vicki.”

And Meghan hasn’t changed her feelings about Vicki, who she called a “filthy liar” last year, either.

“I’m honestly shocked at how everything went down with Vicki as this season progresses,” she teased. “You’re gonna see reconciliation and see it go backwards again.”

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  1. Meghan? I am right there next to you. And why do you have to forgive that swamp creature anyway? He is pure evil.

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