Meghan Edmonds: Vicki’s Apologizes Do Not Seem Genuine


Meghan King Edmonds is taking to her blog to say she cannot believe that we are still talking about the drama with Brooks Ayers. She doesn’t think Vicki’s apologizes seem genuine and talks about her friendship with Kelly.

“Two episodes in and we’re still talking about Brooks…I promise that eventually stops later on in the season. I felt so bad that Heather tried to host a nice, fun party for everyone and she got forced in to a conversation and “apology” from Vicki. Tamra said it best, “What ARE you sorry for?” The apologies seem forced and not genuine, don’t you think?

I have to give major props to Shannon for wearing that necklace even though she didn’t like it. If Jimmy gave me something I didn’t like, I’d have to be honest and would exchange it for something else. It’s so nice seeing how far their relationship has come over the last season, though!

I thought that watching the lunch with Kelly and Vicki also seemed forced. It just didn’t seem like they had much chemistry at all, at least that’s the way I saw it.

Demo day was so much fun! I thought it would be the perfect way to spend some time with the girls so they could get to know Kelly better. It didn’t exactly go as planned, but I tried! And smashing in my kitchen walls was the perfect way for all of us to let off steam. We also all learned to stay clear of Kelly and a saw! I’ll make sure to post before and after pictures of my kitchen for you later this week.”

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6 Replies to “Meghan Edmonds: Vicki’s Apologizes Do Not Seem Genuine”

  1. OMG…has she been watching Eileen. Vicki has never admitted to lying and no one has actually proven it so…and being so shocked that her friend thought Shannon was uptight…the same Shannon you called judgy eyes last season. And what’s with Shannon’s puffy face?

  2. Um, they don’t “sound” genuine because that old POS is not genuine. She is sorry for nothing. It’s not her fault, she claims. NOTHING is ever her fault. She’s a horrible person with an ugly heart and a creepy need for a man in her life, no matter how few teeth he has, he’s broke, no home, etc. Oh ya, she’s a peach…. NOT.

  3. Vicki has never been genuine. Vicki is a self centered, self absorbed person who is not accountable for anything. If it was small stuff, oh well, I can say that is how she is, but when you create your story line (because you had none) based on cancer, you are as low as you can be.

  4. These women are a bunch of discontented unhappy fools — all of them– ALL.
    Shannon needs to focus on her pregnancy & happy thoughts & her marriage.

  5. Vicki has shown absolutely NO remorse and her so-called apologies are littered with disclaimers. She is NOT sorry, she KNEW what was going on and went along with it, and worst of all she is still obsessed with that POS Brooks. Bravo, get rid of her and her self-serving selfish self!

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